3 Responses Download The Attachment and Message Me Please for Detailed Instructions Discussion Post 1 Advantages of using Appcelerator Titanium: Appcele

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3 Responses Download The Attachment and Message Me Please for Detailed Instructions Discussion Post 1

Advantages of using Appcelerator Titanium:

Appcelerator Titanium genuinely “accelerates” the development of apps since it allows for the production of what would normally take a lot more time and attention to be done in only a few hours. Even though it is a cross-platform tool, Titanium may be used to produce a prototype that can be used to test the user’s interaction with the UI. As a result of the program’s web-based construction, Titanium is most useful when it interacts with a web service. Since the development process could be made simpler, there was also less need to elaborate on information given through remote communication. This widespread use of the language makes it easier for web developers to make the switch to mobile app development. Prototyping-based scripting languages, such as Titanium, are well-known for their adaptability and clarity of syntax (Anderson, 2017).

Bugs in Appcelerator Titanium:

The difficulty of building an application and the expense of doing so increase as the program’s complexity increases. Additional technical hurdles (such as unexpected crashes, weird behavior, irritating bugs, etc.) and greater effort are inevitable when your applications get more complex (code association, MVC departure, multi-device provision, multi-platform support, code legibility, etc.). Appcelerator’s StoreKit, the App Store’s in-app purchase module, is difficult to utilize. An unstable product with insufficient documentation and the appearance of partial functionality Because of its erratic nature, it is unfit for the position. There’s no way around the reality that the in-app purchase model accounts for 72% of all App Store income, making it imperative to leave the freemium pricing model.

Appcelerator difference from others Mobile App:

Appcelerator has a significant advantage over other mobile application developers in that it can create a native application inside an app using basic HTML codes. Clients have total control over their data using Appcelerator’s cloud analytics platform. Because of the enormous number of users that use open-source software, solving any issue is fast and easy. Developers picked Titanium above other mobile app development frameworks as a development platform. Titanium helps developers to create applications quickly by using pure JavaScript and Titanium’s API. Open-source app development kit Appcelerator Titanium supports native user interfaces. Titanium is the platform to use if you want to create an application that has a native look and feel while still using some solid JavaScript programming abilities. Therefore, Appcelerator is different from other apps. (Cope, 2017).


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Discussion Post 2

The Appcelerator titanium supports an ecosystem of mobile applications built on top of cloud infrastructure. The mobile applications, based on the platform, are developed and published to make them reusable. They are quickly prototyped and adapted to provide the user with the required capabilities for the application. It is the only way to create new applications in an industry that is rapidly growing. An Appcelerator consists of a client and server, running on the client, and the server stores the database in a database server. The client and server are both virtualizations but have a client that stores application data and a server that manages database servers (Balapour et al., 2020). The database server uses powerful technology to manage a database and communicates with the clients to handle transactions. Appcelerator is an alternative that works on top of this technology. With Appcelerator, the developer can have a framework, a toolset, and a set of testing tools all in one place. It also gives the developer a framework to be able to make their application as fast as possible. They can start from scratch and build for each new version. As each version improves, they could continue to improve the application without any additional work on their end.

Some mobile app developers feel that the bugs do not make it worth the effort because they may want to avoid the burden of the operating system. It also has the potential to provide more user satisfaction. There are several advantages to using mobile applications that are not obvious. There are also potential costs if other security solutions are being used to make the network more secure. These could include insurance and penalties if incidents do happen. A firewall is a software program that filters traffic. It does this by identifying and filtering the most common types of attacks to filter (Balapour et al., 2020). The firewall will also filter unwanted communication traffic and prevent the offending service from receiving network traffic. There are some types of firewalls, such as network- and application-based firewalls. The most common network-based firewalls include WAN optimizers, VPN gateway firewalls. The proxy server provides multiple layers of protection. Typically, it is the intermediary or middle layer that performs the actual filtering. The proxy can also limit the content or data traffic. The filtering engine can identify inappropriate content and filtering actions based on the source and destination addresses, protocol versions, content types, source or destination ports (Balapour et al., 2020).

Appcelerator uses a different approach from other mobile application developers. It provides a set of modules that simplify the development cycle in need to deploy and manage multiple applications. It supports the development of plug-and-play and secure, self-service applications (Sarin et al., 2021). An enterprise application is a set of software, hardware, and data designed to provide users with access to applications, services, resources, and data. The primary objectives of a business application are to enable users to reach business objectives, access and utilize resources and manage their data. The specific type of application developed by a business application may be web-based, desktop, or mobile. A web application utilizes a web browser to allow users to access information on the Internet. Web applications may allow users to access the same information they would find in an online application or allow users to access content from other applications, including social networking Websites. The difference between online and offline content is what is called the location. The information in an online application might reside on the computer’s hard disk or in a database. On the Internet, applications are installed by default. The application generally runs in the background or the address space of the Internet. The application might need to contact the server and tell it where to store the content on the Internet (Sarin et al., 2021).


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Discussion Post 3

Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source development platform. It helps developers develop various mobile and desktop compatible apps by using different web technologies like CSS, ReactJS, HTML, and many more. With the help of this platform, we can speed up the app development quickly with lesser lines of code and time compared to native platforms, which would take several days. Since the platform uses web technologies, the app interaction with the web services is quick and saves time with high performance. It is compatible with iOS and Android platforms, and there is no need for learning two different languages. The community is growing with many templates and designs for app development (Delia et al., 2018).

The price of the Appcelerator Titanium is less, but the disadvantages are comparatively unignorable. There is a lot of complexity in the development if we want to develop complex projects. So it is not suited for complex projects. There are a lot of bugs in the platform, and even the documentation is not good, which makes the developers feel unhappy in using the platform. There are a few technical issues that arise suddenly, like weird behaviors, memory issues. A few limitations make the developers feel difficulty developing the app (Delia et al., 2018).

We can build apps using Appcelerator for both iOS and Android. It is an open-source platform that can develop mobile and desktop applications using HTML codes and Javascript, more profitable than other mobile application developers. Since it uses web technologies and it makes a platform to have control over cloud analytics. The main benefit of using the Appcelerator is an open-source platform. It gives the enormous opportunity for developers to make various advancements (Carvalho et al., 2017).


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