4 Page Assignment On IT Strategy & Policy Implementation Plan – APA Format, No Plagiarism $8 PYZ Tech case study: This week you will add two (2) additional

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PYZ Tech case study: This week you will add two (2) additional components: the implementation plan and an outlook on identified risks and issues. In the first section, you will discuss the plans to implement the policies organization-wide in as much detail as possible and make provisions for the areas that cover external customers as well. When identifying initial risks and issues, include a high-level action plan for how you will respond to the risk or issue if it were to occur.

As you work through the final components of your plan, make sure there is alignment throughout your plan that connects everything back to the original vision and objectives.


  • Use narrative descriptions to support visual cues.
  • Write in complete sentences.
  • Use headers to help separate content.
  • Include in-depth analysis and explanations.
  • Include at least 2 cited references.
    • Follow APA formatting standards for citations and references.

B e l l e v u e U n i v e r s i t y | 1

Case Study: PYZ Technology


PYZ Technology (PYZ Tech) is a new and budding IT firm that orchestrates execution on forward thinking
technology based on the five founders that pooled their resources together to develop groundbreaking
technology that is creating a lot of controversy across the world. Currently, they have over $300 million
in funding and a newly acquired government contract that could span one billion dollars over the course
of five years. While the company is eager to get started on manufacturing, they know the importance of
building a firm IT structure and they wanted someone with extended knowledge and skill to run other
areas of the business while they focus on idea implementation.

They have just hired you as the newly appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO), despite claims that the
role is slowly disappearing. In this role you will be responsible for leading the development of the
infrastructure design strategy, the master plan and roadmaps, and the annual operating procedures and
policy for internal and external customers. Where appropriate, the CIO will work to constantly upgrade
these procedures to ensure the alignment with the enterprise’s IT and business strategy to achieve the
company’s goals to remain agile, forward thinking, and challenge the laws of technology.

PYZ Technology Products

Under development for PYZ Technology are two new products that are ready to hit the market. One of
these products is very private to the organization; the other is public but only approved for use by the
government. The widely controversial Y2X product, a device implanted into the eye of ex-felons, uses a
small incision and tracks and records all daily movements. The data for this product is housed on cloud
servers that are owned, operated, and controlled by PYZ Tech. The government will lease space and
data according to their needs.

The second product, which has not been communicated to the public, is Y2i; it is a duplicate of Y2X but is
designed for infants and toddlers as a tracking device that is implanted in the wrist to help combat child
abduction. They are currently working on approvals for trials to gain FDA approval, and they are working
hard to keep the information confidential until they are ready for release.

Scenario Details

The company wants to allow freedom for creativity in the workplace; however, with half of their
workforce working remotely, they feel it is important to monitor and control employee access,
especially to sensitive and confidential client data. There are plans for PYZ Tech to grow globally as an
organization, and they want to start off by maximizing their value and creating operation efficiency that
governs growth in potential for capitalization on “big data” through their use of data volumes in order to
increase recognition and use of that data for additional monetary gain.

Compliance pressures, cybersecurity concerns, big data volumes, and increasing recognition that
information itself has value has contributed to the growing interest in information governance. PYZ Tech
trusts your judgment and hopes that you will provide them with the guidance they need in order to get
off on the right foot.

B e l l e v u e U n i v e r s i t y | 2

Below is the copy of the current organization chart.

Organization Chart

  • Introduction
  • PYZ Technology Products
  • Scenario Details
  • Organization Chart

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