A Rule Against Murder A Rule Against Murder need help for home work Murder, Montreal Wrote: Detective Fiction a la Montreal

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 A Rule Against Murder need help for home work

Murder, Montreal Wrote: Detective Fiction a la Montreal

Essay Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of a literary text through literary analysis and how it fits into the conventions of the genre.

Instructions: Write a minimum 750-word essay including an introduction, body paragraphs to support your thesis, and a conclusion, in MLA format. Use the resources in your , previous assignments, and other online sources to aid you, such as a dictionary and thesaurus.

Base your thesis and analysis on the following:

Discuss how Louise Penny develops her puzzle game in A Rule Against Murder. Refer to at least three main points in the essay “The Puzzle-Game” to support your argument. Connect your analysis to at least two literary techniques or devices used by Penny (such as setting, characterization, narrative point of view, imagery, metaphor, etc.). Be sure to use examples from the text either through paraphrase or direct quotes.

How to organize your essay:

• Introduction that sets up your topic, including a clear thesis statement that outlines the focus of your analysis (must connect Penny and “The Puzzle-Game”).

• Three body paragraphs, each analysing how Penny’s A Rule Against Murder fits one aspect of the puzzle-game style mystery as presented in “The Puzzle-Game.” Include at least two examples of Penny’s use of literary techniques or devices to support your argument in each body paragraph.

• Conclusion that ties your argument together and echoes your thesis.

You will be evaluated on:

• Comprehension and insight (How well did you analyze the story? How well did you relate the text to the genre?)

• Structure and development (How well did you prove your position? Do all of your points tie back to your central thesis? Have you used topic sentences and concluding sentences effectively? How well have you supported your ideas with examples from the story?)

• Expression (How well have you articulated your ideas with clear writing? Have you used proper vocabulary, diction, transitional words, sentence structure and syntax? Is your writing free of grammatical and spelling errors? Have you integrated quotes properly?)

• Formatting (Have you formatted in MLA style? Double-spaced? Provided a Works Cited page with proper citations?)

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