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Mahamadou Diallo


IMAT 637

Information Technology Services



Submitted by:


Joyful Wholesale Business

Sales Department


19th January 2022

Description of the Problem

Operating Joyful Wholesale is a challenging exercise in the fact that the business handles over 10,000 people a day. The security of the facility is a paramount the present technology in place does not serve the purpose well. There is the need to outsource the IT services in the computerization of the facility and installation of modern CCTV cameras surveillance to monitor daily operations.

Business Activities and Processes Affected

The processes affected is lack of tracing sales in the wholesale business and the failure to assess the security and monitoring of movements within the facility. The sales management and operations are ineffective making it difficult to realize the profit margin.

Actual Performance

The wholesale business currently requires over 20 staff that manages the operations within the facility in terms of offering security and managing the present systems in a day. The performance of a single staff is 8 hours a day taking shifts.

Target Performance

Joyful Wholesale Business require performance above what is currently offered, and this include increasing the working hours to 800*24 hours per day and this would translate to 150%. The increase in performance would be realistic because the presence of the computerized system would result to working extra man hours a day, 7 days a week. The objective is to make sure that the business realizes 200% profit as compared to the past used systems. The CCTV systems would improve security and build confidence of customers visiting the facility.

Performance Gap

The proposed system would bring better performance to close the gap that is available of 50 manpower per month that translate to 50*$70 resulting to $3500. The outsourcing of the IT services for computerized systems would save the company the cost of $3500 per month. There would be more profits that would be experienced when the computerization is adopted bringing more value to Joyful Wholesale.

Organization KPIs Affected

There is a high possibility that a smart return to investment is realized and sums to covering the total initial costs in respect to Joyful Wholesale Business and making significant profits.

Principle Stakeholders

Managers of Joyful Wholesale Business, Sales Department, Suppliers, supply chain department and the government through regulations.

Tentative Solutions Strategy

The need of acquiring and installation of the CCTV systems and having computerized sales systems contribute to an improvement in the delivery of services within the Joyful Wholesale Business. The computerized sales systems and CCTV systems contribute to a speedy, easy-to-use systems that allow customers get their orders on time. Adopting the systems creates a competitive advantage of Joyful Wholesale in the market against the competitors that are on the similar business. There is an incorporation of the sales management system software to the CCTV surveillance, and this promote efficiency and also management of the inventory and sales. The systems would facilitate the tracking of sales of products that comes in and out of the business facility.

Acquisition Need Confirmation

I confirm that Joyful Wholesale Business problem stated above can only be solved through the acquisition and installation of IT services that include CCTV and sales computerized systems from a competent contractor that is open to competition in the market.


Ali, S., & Khan, S. (2016). Software outsourcing partnership model: An evaluation framework for vendor organizations. Journal Of Systems And Software117, 402-425.

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