An Ideal Society: Detailed Outline Folder. Overview As a starting point for creating a comprehensive write up on an ideal society, you will develop a detai

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An Ideal Society: Detailed Outline Folder. Overview
As a starting point for creating a comprehensive write up on an ideal society, you will develop a detailed outline. An outline allows you to evaluate your content, organize the information, create a flow, and integrate sources. A skeleton outline (i.e., a few words for each heading and subheading) does not meet the objective of this outline. Content should be more in-depth than just a few keywords and should include references to sources consulted. Once you complete this step, you will have a good start for the final write up.


Create a detailed outline as shown in the example that meets the following requirements:

Include specific information/content for the topic.
Organize the write up by Roman numerals (main headers) and capital letters (subheadings).
Create flow by making sure the content provided is logical and easy to follow.
Sources and citations are required for this outline and must be cited in APA Style. Integrate several sources throughout the write up. (At least five sources are required.)

For general formatting of the title, in-text citations, and reference pages, it is expected that you will consult these APA Style resources;

See example of the outline below and see the attachment for the previous assignment related to this “ideal Society” Project

See Example of a detailed outline:

Over and over again, families are left without their loved ones due to acts of suicide. The social problem of suicide includes not only those who have died, but also those who have attempted suicide. Although there are warning signs as well as suicide prevention programs, suicide continues to be a leading cause of death.

Suicide carries social and moral meaning in most societies. At both the individual and population levels, the suicide rate has long been understood to correlate with cultural, social, political, and economic forces (Smith & Brown, year of publication). 
Given its unique nature, research on suicide faces a series of obstacles that limit progress in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of the problem.

Suicide is not something new; rather, it is something that is part of civilization’s history.

Suicide in ancient Egypt was viewed as a neutral event because death was merely a passage from one form of existence to another. It was a means of avoiding disgrace, abandonment, guilt, cowardice, or the experience of the loss of a loved one (Anderson, year of publication).
Cleopatra committed suicide as part of a ritual.
The history of suicide dates back to Egypt, Greece, and Rome, where suicide was used as part of ritual (Anderson, year of publication).

Anderson, A. B. (year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. City, State: Publisher.
Smith, C., & Brown, D. E. (year of publication). Title of article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pp. x-x.
*These references are included to demonstrate basic APA Style rules regarding references and in-text citations. Please refer to the CCCOnline APA Citation Toolkit for more information about APA Style. 1


Social Sciences Red Rocks Community College
Introduction to Sociology
Laura Howe
November 18, 2021


The major aim of a sociologist is to examine social groupings because they demonstrate how group life influences human behavior and how individual behavior influences group life. Social groupings are formed when two or more people connect and share a sense of belonging and identity. The following is a breakdown of the demographics of society.
A primary group is usually a small group of people with a long history of deep, personal, and enduring friendships. Secondary organizations are huge, goal-oriented groups with no personal ties to one another.
A reference group acts as the comparison point for comparing something or someone to another group. Sociologists define a “social group” as any group that people use as a reference point for judging their own behavior (Çevirgen, 2020). Formal groups are designated work groups inside an organization’s hierarchical structure that are assigned specified tasks related to their employment. A person’s “in-group” is a group of people to whom he or she mentally belongs. Outgroups are social group to which a person does not belong.

Characteristics of a Group

A group’s members are considered interdependent in order for it to exist and achieve its goals. Interaction is necessary for any group to exist. Interactions between members result in the formation of conventions and relationships (Çevirgen, 2020). We say we have achieved synergy when the sum of its parts exceeds the sum of its parts. There is a definite reason why people gather in groups, and that is the similarity of their characteristics.
Another characteristic of groups is that they have established norms for appropriate behavior in groups, which are often used to guide group activity. Being a part of something bigger offers us a sense of belonging and may help us to discover a greater purpose than our own personal aims and desires.

How does the group fit the needs of the society and individuals?

In other words, civilization is a collection of norms that limit anti-human behavior. Individuals must work together to achieve a common goal; it is not enough for them to live and work in society (Worthen, nd). Groups can also play an important function in society. They are crucial to the existing structure of society because they are long-lasting social units that contribute to the establishment of shared value systems.


Those who break from social norms are referred to as deviants. Deviance is the key to understanding the societal alterations that occur over time. The detraction of deviance is that whether or not something is deviant depends on the context, definitions, circumstances, and the attitude of individuals towards the activity (Worthen, nd). Systems of deviance teach individuals in a specific society how to behave by developing acceptable and unacceptable behavior patterns. Punishment is employed by society to maintain its social control system and decrease deviance.

Five-part typology of deviance within an ideal society

Merton typology is based on two factors: an individual’s intention to ethnic goals and one’s belief that she is capable of achieving her goals. According to Merton’s five-part typology of deviance, humans may use deviation to pursue broadly accepted societal norms and goals through conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreats, and rebellion. People who vend prohibited pills in the United States, on the other hand, reject the culturally acceptable manner of getting cash while allotment the commonly acknowledged cultural value of creating currency (Çevirgen, 2020). As a result, it’s possible that following one set of rules requires flouting another in order to obtain what you desired in the first place. According to strain theory, when people are denied the opportunity to accomplish culturally valued goals, they are compelled to participate in deviant behavior. As a result, many lower-class people resort to illegal or immoral measures to get financial resources.


These groups have an impact on people by forming a social group that is more than just a collection or aggregation of individuals. A multitude of elements can contribute to social cohesion, including shared interests, ideals, representations, ethnicity, and blood links (Papanek, 2019). Those who follow the social identity approach believe that the establishment of social networks requires and is facilitated by an individual’s awareness of and acceptance within a specific group.
An in-group is reaction when someone does something we don’t like, and we do it when someone does something we don’t like (Worthen, nd). If everyone in a certain culture, race, religion, or other group acts the same way, we can make the following assumption: Racism and prejudice grow as a result of this generalization.
Group pressures manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Bullying, teasing, and criticism are all common methods of instilling social conformity. As a result of this pressure, some people change their conduct because they want to be liked or feel like they belong (Hulse et al., 2019). Others may choose this method to ensure they have the upper hand while making critical judgments.
Individuals are influenced by their social environments in a variety of ways. If a person conforms their beliefs and actions to their own, they are said to be under the influence of others. A group’s ideas and beliefs can impact an individual’s behavior. In this way, individuals demonstrate their loyalty to the group’s established principles while refraining from criticizing their own.
Those outside the group are more aware of potential connections and their conduct changes as a result (Worthen, nd). They will be more pleasant, more likely to fit in, and more likely to comply with others’ demands if they pay more attention to social cues.
Because of the general perception and lack of information regarding mental diseases, deviation is now regarded as a mental illness in today’s culture. People suffering from severe mental illnesses are frequently regarded as dangerous and a threat to the community.

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