annotated bibliography annotated bibliography Annotated bibliography rubric Instructions / Guidelines An annotated bibliography is a reference list

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annotated bibliography 

Annotated bibliography rubric

Instructions / Guidelines

An annotated bibliography is a reference list where each citation is followed by a descriptive and evaluative paragraph (the annotation). The purpose is to inform yourself (or others) of the relevance, accuracy and quality of the sources cited, and is often used as a tool to write effective scientific grants and papers. The annotation differs from an abstract in the that the latter is purely a descriptive summary. Annotations include the descriptive summary as well as a critical assessment of relevance, accuracy and quality. The purpose is a) to get better at making annotated bibliographies and b) to provide a preliminary literature survey for your final written projects. Your annotated bibliography should include the following sections:

1) topic, viewpoint and purpose (what do you aim to do with your written assignment)

2) research strategy (what tools you will use to find, access and evaluate appropriate literature)

3) Citations and annotations.

4) Conclusions

Also, please use the APA reference style for your citations







Viewpoint and purpose clearly stated

Nothing provided

Only title given with no aim or viewpoint

Title given with aims that don’t match rest of project and / or non-reasoned viewpoint given

Title with well-reasoned appropriate aims and viewpoints provided that match the research topic

Describes and uses appropriate research strategies to locate, access and assess literature

No strategy provided

Student selects irrelevant, non-scientific or discredited literature because of non-critical “google” search

Student selects information from known and/or convenient locations and does not make use of tools like library databases or strategies like using different keywords and quality control

Students describes effective methods and strategies, like varying keywords in google scholar, to find relevant information, describing methods to verify quality / relevance of literature to provide a rationale for which to include and which to exclude

Effectively summarizes and critically evaluates information

Minimal effort (i.e. rewording abstract) and no critical evaluation

Accurate summary alone, or critical evaluation alone given

Accurate summary and critical evaluation given, but not tied to evaluative criteria effectively

Accurate summary and critical evaluation given, strongly tied to evaluative criteria provided in research strategy

Synthesizes multiple ideas to develop original conclusions

No connections between references given or broader ideas provided, no explanation of how sources will be used

Superficial connection between sources given or general idea provided or explanation of how sources will be used provided

Two of the following both given: Connection between sources described, synthesis of larger idea provided, explanation of sources will be used provided

Student established and examines connections between sources, synthesizes broader ideas and explains how they plan to use their sources.



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