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1.                  Give an example of a conflict that is built on the assumption of incompatible goals.


2.                  Why do goals shift or adjust during conflict?


3.                  Give an example of a topic goal at work and an example of a topic goal at home. Describe how each of these might be hiding a relational goal.


4.                  Why is it important in conflict that each person clarify goals?


5.                  List three examples of process goals.


6.                  In what sense can transactive goals be productive? Destructive?


7.                  Why might a person perform a “goal shift”? Give an example of a positive goal shift and a negative goal shift. 


8.                  Describe what you believe the book is saying about power.


9.                  Using your definition, how would a person be “empowered” at work and at home?


10.              By writing brief conversations, give three examples of how people can deny power.


11.              Relational theory says that power is the product of the relationship rather than a quality of an individual. In other words, power must be granted. Do you agree or disagree? Why?


12.              What are power currencies and how do they operate? Do the currencies listed in your book guarantee power in your workplace? Home? Why or why not?


13.            Give an example of someone using passive-aggressive power in the workplace.


14.              Describe the role of metacommunication in conflict and power balancing.

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