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Use excel to help with the assignment.  assignment must be on word document and please show calculations for problem 



PE 5663 Natural Gas Utilization

1- Calculate the Z-factors and the molar volumes for pure CO2 at 150ºC and pressures 10, 20,
40, 60, 100, 300, 400 and 500 bar. Use the RK EoS.

2- Plot the results for Z-factors and molar volumes of CO2 vs P.
3- Plot the gas formation volume factor of CO2 vs P.
4- On the plots, compare the results obtained for the Z-factor and Bg from the RK EoS with

those reported in literature and discuss on the discrepancies.

Experimental data for Z-factor for pure CO2 at 150ºC:

P/bar Z
10 0.985
20 0.970
40 0.942
60 0.913
100 0.869
300 0.762
400 0.824
500 0.910

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