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Need APA format paper with detailed analysis of the following questions. *Must follow the assignment rubric* See attached.

Chapter 9:

1. List nine ways of gaining access to external knowledge (discussed in section 5 of this

chapter).What are the major issues that need to be considered when designing training

programs to improve expatriates’ cross-cultural skills?

Chapter 10:

1. What are the major issues that need to be considered when designing training programs to

improve expatriates’ cross-cultural skills?

Chapter 12:

1. How can national culture impact performance management systems? 

Great work.  APA was excellent.  You could improve your grade by being more thorough in your answers and using critical think.  Awesome 

assignment 1

. Below is an example of an example. Hope this helps.

1.     Discuss how the significant studies of cultural values are similar.

Cultures have been studied and examined through many different research streams over

the years. Cross-cultural management focuses on various research literature, including comparative management, international management, and cross-cultural management, showing the similarities and differences in cultural views on multiple countries. There are three major cultural views studied by researchers; (1) positivist views, (2) interpretive views, and (3) critical views. Each view highlights the diverse dimensions that existed in each country and social group, and it helps to identify the etic views on each cultural dynamic (Reiche et al., 2019).

            Positivist views, which identify the basic needs of human beings, have several significant studies to shape the cultural dynamic by linking variations to different values. The cultural studies based on positivist views categorize individuals, social groups, countries into dimensions and scale high or low of the basic needs that the country collectively prefers. For example, Hofstede’s study is based on categorizing a country into dimensions such as power distance, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, long-term orientation, and indulgence vs. restraint (Reiche et al., 2019). GLOBE project is another research similar to Hofstede’s study, but it further added and refined the dimensions to identify cultural characteristics more precisely. In the GLOBE project, dimensions like Humane Orientation were added to assess the cultural preference of whether the country naturally promotes individuals to be fair, kind, and generous (Reiche et al., 2019). Assertiveness is another dimension added to the study done by the GLOBE project. It measures high assertiveness/dominance and high sympathy/cooperation—the Rokeach Value Survey established by Schwartz and Bilsky. The survey is based on seven values, egalitarianism, mastery, harmony, affective autonomy, intellectual autonomy, hierarchy, and embeddedness. The survey is believed to shape the culture based on which value is more important.

             All the significant studies for cross-culture management are generalized dimensions of certain groups (social and geographical). It is a more etic and quantitative approach that identifies culture from outside in. Although it is possible to achieve the generalized ideas and big picture of particular cultural characteristics through those significant studies, more in-depth understanding can be better achieved through an emic and qualitative approach by examining the culture from inside. For example, studies for interpretive views explicate how people comprehend the message or experience the situation, and critical views highlight unfavorable circumstances that the particular group needs to deal with. Those emic techniques to shape culture from various angles would add more complexion to each culture.   


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