Assistance With Microsoft Access Project You need to have access for this project and you need to send the finished file as an access file. Instruction

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Assistance With Microsoft Access Project You need to have access for this project and you need to send the finished file as an access file.

Instructions below

1) Address the points for improvements on the first assignment based on my feedback (first assignment uploaded below). 

– Feedback: 

Equipment table:
the field names were added on the first record.

* MembershipCard table:

* your table relationships don’t express a real scenario:
It’s not enough to simply start putting lines on the screen, we must think about how they connect.

For instance, you have a table called Activity (supposed to save information about physical activities people can do in a gym) – the relationship between members and activities doesn’t exist on your database (members can take part on many physical activities and many physical activities may include many members).

2) Our gym is a success, people are interested and our business is growing. As a result, you must add more records to your database – more members, more equipment, more activities, more physique records, more memberships, more trainers, etc. Make it so more members can take part on physical activities.

3) Create the following queries:

A) Create an APPEND query so John can easily enter new members into the database. John knows nothing about MS Access, but he does have experience with Excel.”

You can ignore the membership_ID for now this can be added later.

B) Create an UPDATE query. John will also be responsible to update the membership levels (in case the gym fees change)
* for update queries, the data is very important – because people will update the information. In this case, we still need to know the primary key, but we can hide it from the person editing the information to ensure they won’t change it.

C) Create a DELETE query – MS Access should ask which ID to remove from the database.
* you can pick which table you want to use as the delete (if you get errors about being unable to delete, that’s ok – it’s because of the relationships).

D) Create a SELECT query to display how much each customer pay for their membership fees after tax (you can consider as a one time payment, not really necessary to display monthly or yearly)

E) Using Query Parameters, create a SELECT query to display a member’s membership status. The person running the query can enter the member’s first name and see all the related info.

F) Using Query Parameters, create a SELECT query to display members taking part on physical activities. This query should allow people to enter the day in which they want to see registration info. ID Act_ID Act_Name Act_Time Act_Cost Instructor

1 1 Weightlifting 9:00 to 10 am Bronze Viktor

2 2 Spin Class 11:00 am to 12:00pm Silver Debra

3 3 Yoga 2:00 PM to 3:00 pm Gold Iris

4 4 Pilates 4:00pm to 5:00pm Platinum Celia

5 5 Karate 6:00pm to 7:00pm Ultra P Javi

ID Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 Field5 Field6

5 Equip_ID Equip_Name Activity_ID Equip_Description Equip_Cost Equip_Amount

6 1 Barbells 1 20k barbell Bronze 10

7 2 Bike 2 Stationary Bike Silver 10

8 3 Yoga 3 Mat and Blocks Gold 10

9 4 Pilates 4 Mat and Ball Platinum 10

10 5 karate 5 SandBag Ultra P 10

Membership_ID Membership_Level Fees

1 Bronze 100

2 Silver 200

3 Gold 300

4 Platinum 400

5 Ultra-Platinum 500

Membership Last Name First Name E-mail Address Age Height Weight Date of Birth ID Number Home Phone Mobile Phone Address City State/Province ZIP/Postal Code Sex BMI ID

1 Degani Maria 67 157 57 6/22/91 1 234 9999999 235 999 99 99 2020 Alberni Street Vancouver BC V1G 9Q0 F 23.1 1

2 Agoran Alberto 46 189 89 5/22/91 2 235 5555555 235 5555555 2323 Alonso Street Vancouver BC V2R 5Y0 M 24.9 2

3 Fellice Adriana 54 167 68 4/12/91 3 777 6869889 7776869889 444Cassa Street Vancouver BC V3E 5T0 F 24.4 3

4 Avian Anna 23 193 79 3/14/91 4 333 999 8888 3339998888 333 Aonde Street Vancouver BC V4D 5F9 F 21.2 4

5 Delboni Pedro 28 145 86 4/12/91 5 232 666 6666 232666 6666 666 Nelson Street Vancouver BC V7I 6T6 M 40.9 5

Membership_ID Student_ID Course_ID Issue_date Expire_date Membership_fee Membership_title

1 1 4 2021-10-26 2021-11-22 100 Bronze

2 2 5 2021-10-26 2021-11-22 200 Silver

3 3 6 2021-10-26 2021-11-22 300 Gold

4 4 7 2021-10-26 2021-11-22 400 Platinum

5 5 8 2021-10-26 2021-11-22 500 Ultra P

ID Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 Field5

5 Train_ID Train_LastName Train_FirstName Train_Email Train_Phone

6 1 Frank Viktor 236222222222

7 2 Ohara Debra 236333333333

8 3 Silva Iris 236444444444

9 4 abobora Celia 236555555555

10 5 Badem javi 236666666666

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