Class 1 Week 7 Term D NURS 502 Page 1 of 4 THEORY-BASED EXEMPLAR PAPER (TEP): FINAL ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW This assignment provides you wi

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Class 1 Week 7 Term D NURS 502

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This assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to write a
well-developed paper and apply a selected nursing theory to an actual practice situation. Your
Theory-Based Exemplar Paper (TEP) Assignment needs to demonstrate the utility
and application of a nursing theory.

This is a formal, scholarly paper which must include references. Be sure to cite references for
content related to your selected nursing theory. For example, cite other examples from the
literature that demonstrate the use of the theory in practice and any other information in
your paper that is not your own work.

Be sure to cite these references in the body of the paper and on the reference page(s). All
references cited in the body of paper must be listed on the reference page at the end of the
paper in current APA format. The final paper must be 8–10 pages and utilize at least 4
scholarly sources. The title page and reference page(s) do not count towards the specified
length requirement.

Use the following headings for your paper (in current APA format):

I. Introduction

Articulate your purpose/point of paper. Pull the readers in, make them interested in
reading your paper, and state the purpose of your paper (what you are trying to

II. Overview of Nursing Theory

For your paper, specify selected theory in your title (e.g., “Overview of Watson’s Caring
Theory”). Provide readers with basic information and concepts related to your selected
theory (be sure to include pertinent primary references [written by the theorist] to the
theory so that the reader may access this information for further exploration). This is
not a “term” paper or “critique” of the selected theory, but you need to provide enough
information for readers so that they can clearly understand the application and “fit” of
the selected nursing theory to your exemplar/story.

III. Exemplar: My Encounter with M.J.

Adapt title/heading as you see fit for your exemplar/story. This section of the paper
includes a verbatim (narrative) report of your patient/nurse experience that you will

NURS 502

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then reflect on when you discuss how this particular nursing practice experience fits
with your selected theory.

For example, one student wrote an exemplar paper about a patient/nurse encounter
that clearly involved the major concepts and elements of Orem’s Self Care Theory.
After sharing her story, the student was able to discuss how Orem’s Theory applied to
how she cared for her pre-op patient.

NURS 502

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IV. Discuss Application of Theory

Highlight aspects of your “story;” explain how the story/experience fits with theory,
makes sense, etc. Paraphrasing aspects of your story or the inclusion of direct quotes
from the above section helps to validate how your exemplar ties into the theory.

V. Conclusion

This section includes the “take away” from your paper. What can readers conclude
from your paper, your exemplar experience (e.g., your exemplar promotes use of
theory— reinforces how your selected theory is practical, useful, facilitates improved
patient outcomes, etc.)?

See the Listing of Selected Established Theories and Theorists in the Theory-Based
Exemplar Paper (TEP): Theory Analysis Assignment Instructions for
theory and theorist examples to use in your paper.

Other Helpful Tips and Resources

It is highly recommended you obtain the articles listed below via Liberty University’s
Interlibrary Loan for examples of papers that share narrative stories that demonstrate
application of nursing theory or provide information to educate nurses about promotion of
better outcomes with patients. A few of the articles address issues related to peer review and
publication. You may also conduct your own literature review of nursing research databases
such as Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health (CINAHL) or PubMed (a free database)
to retrieve other examples of articles that discuss application of nursing theory to practice.

Note: Although these articles fall outside the typical 5 year mark, these article provide good
examples of the following:

� What is meant by providing an “exemplar”

� Peer Review

Recommended Articles:

Bultemeier, K. I. (2012). Nursing in Malawi: Nursing theory in the movement to professionalize
nursing. Nursing Science Quarterly, 25(2), 184–186.

Capasso, V. A. (1998). The theory is the practice: An exemplar. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 12(6),

Gigliotti, E. A. (2002). A theory-based clinical nurse specialist practice exemplar using
Neuman’s Systems Model and nursing taxonomies. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 16(1),

NURS 502

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McCrae, N. (2011). Whither nursing models? The value of nursing theory in the context of
evidence-based practice and multidisciplinary health care. Journal of Advanced
Nursing, 68(1), 222–229.

Spear, H. J. (2002). Applied concepts of holistic nursing: Experiencing the death of my mother:
A daughter and nurse’s perspective. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 20(2), 187–200.

Thompson, G. T. (2005). The concept of presencing in perioperative nursing. AORN Journal,
82(3), 465–466, 468.

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