Devan 2 Defining Myself as a Leader Devan Pouncy Capella University Professor: Kristine Ziola-Pardell FPX5002 November 2, 2021

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Devan 2

Defining Myself as a Leader

Devan Pouncy
Capella University
Professor: Kristine Ziola-Pardell
November 2, 2021

Please be sure to review all my comments throughout your assessment. Please note that I only point out an error occurrence once and it is your responsibility to look for other possible occurrences.

Defining Myself as a Leader

Leadership is one of the key aspects that influence the success of any organization, whether private or public. An effective leader is a person who shares their vision with the followers, leads by example, communicates effectively, motivates, inspires, and empowers others, and makes hard decisions. The paper explores my leadership strengths identified through Zenger Folkman’s 360-degree strengths assessment and feedback from current workplace colleagues and friends. Further, the paper discusses what I learned from the feedback and highlights growth opportunities related to my leadership skills.
This is a good assessment to help discover/confirm who you are as a leader and why you are who you are.
Please note the requirement is:
Read about, take, and reflect upon at least three of the following assessments; each should take about 20–30 minutes.

Strengths, Skills, and Positives Revealed in the Assessment

I used Zenger Folkman’s 360-degree strengths tool to assess my leadership strengths. The assessment can be found at According to Zenger and Folkman (2013), the test, which takes approximately eight minutes, effectively establishes one’s leadership competencies. I learned from the assessment that I establish stretch goals, solve problems and analyze issues, display high honesty and integrity, and motivate and inspire others to high performance. Additionally, I value diversity, communicate prolifically and powerfully, and make effective decisions. The results reinforce what I already thought about myself. I currently use the strengths in my organization and my interactions with friends and family members. What are examples of how you currently use these strengths.
As indicated above, you will need to complete at least two more assessments, analyze the results, share the results, and provide examples of how you are currently using these strengths.

Summary of Responses

I sought feedback regarding my leadership skills from my friend, my former manager, and two current workplace colleagues. From their responses, I established that I am an effective communicator. Besides, I learned that I give timely feedback, command responsibility, show commitment to what I am doing, have focus, and demonstrate self-awareness regarding my potential as a leader. The responses partly fit with what I already knew about myself. For instance, I do not consider myself an effective communicator since my public speaking skills are less developed. Also, I did not consider myself as a person who provides timely feedback. I sometimes become preoccupied with my schedule and forget what others expect from me.
Asking those who know you best is a great way to discover how you are perceived by others.

Personal statement as a Leader

As a leader, I am a person who empowers others to achieve organizational objectives. I can communicate concise and clear goals and inspire and motivate followers to work towards achieving these goals. Besides, I believe in results orientation, focusing on what has the most significant impact on the company. Furthermore, I believe that employees must be appreciated for their work through reward strategies, professional development, and timely feedback.

Once you complete the required number of assessments, please be sure that your leadership statement reflects all results.

Areas that I Learned are Growth Opportunities

I feel that the most important areas to strengthen are those that I scored poorly in the 360-degree assessment and received unsatisfactory feedback from my friend and colleagues and. The areas include teamwork and collaboration, and initiative-taking, which made me realize the need for improvement. To enhance these skills and qualities, I will take various steps, including learning how to resolve minor issues in teamwork and avoiding elements that hinder my involvement in group projects, such as bias and sideline arguments. On the other hand, I will improve my initiative-taking skills by working on my confidence, sharing my ideas for workplace improvement, anticipating any upcoming issues, and discussing them with colleagues and the management. Also, I will start participating in projects that others avoid.

Once you complete the required number of assessments, please be sure that your growth opportunities reflect all results.


The 360-degree assessment and feedback from my colleagues were critical in highlighting my leadership strengths and weaknesses. I have learned that I value diversity, make effective decisions, motivate others, offer quick feedback, show commitment, command responsibility, and communicate effectively. Furthermore, I learned that I need to improve my innovativeness, teamwork and collaboration, and initiative ability. The improvement is critical for my effective leadership in my current and future workplace.

Zenger, J. & Folkman, J. (2013). The Eight-Minute Test That Can Reveal Your Effectiveness as a Leader. Harvard Business Review.

When establishing who you are as a leader and why you are who you are it is important to complete a well-rounded number of assessments. You may find that additional assessments show you additional strengths.
You will need to complete at least two more assessments and include the results as indicated above.

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