Different Methodologies In The Design Of Information System Solutions Attached! Case Study: Joe’s Supermarket This local supermarket is located in an ur

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Different Methodologies In The Design Of Information System Solutions Attached! Case Study: Joe’s Supermarket

This local supermarket is located in an urban neighborhood and provides customers with a wide

array of products to choose from. Over time, the inventory has grown exponentially, but the

current information system is not equipped to handle the increase in purchase demand. The

company that owns the store opted to go with the “light” versions of the Purchasing and Point of

Sale (POS) modules used to manage inventory and request products from vendors. The owner of

the organization (Joe Russo) has emphasized that there are critical things on his “wish list” that

he believes will move the supermarket into “the new tech age,” but he is not sure where to start.

Here is some information he wants the IT consultant to know, but there is more likely additional

information he is unaware of:

• Other processes that are part of the enterprise resource planning system are becoming

slower, and some of the staff noticed errors in some of the product data coming into the


• A centralized database supports the entire system but has not been reviewed or upgraded.

• The time spent on customer transactions is too long! Anyone in management should be

able to monitor transactions in real-time, but the point of sale system sends the data “over

the wire” to the database slower each day. Some days there is a 2-hour lag in the system

catching up on transactions!

Figure of The Waterfall Approach. Created by Cynthia Marcello (2021).


You will explore different methodologies used in the design of information system solutions.

Using the resources and a library search, write a paper that includes the following:

1. Discuss the difference between the agile, object-oriented, and waterfall approaches
used in the systems analysis and design process. Specifically, discuss the goals for

each approach and detail the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

2. Provide a detailed summation of the organization’s objectives, structure, and processes
as a value-creating collective, using the case study organization (Joe’s Supermarket).

Specifically, describe the relevance of the following project-related factors, including

size, criticality, environmental dynamics, availability of personnel, and organizational


3. Explain the need in a systems analysis project to ensure a synergistic outcome between
organizational structure, people, technology, and tasks.

4. Provide a recommendation (with specific rationale supported by resources and online
research) for which specific system analysis and design methodology is most

conducive to the case study organization’s information system project.

Length: 6 to 7-page paper, not including title and reference pages. APA.

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.


• Pachory, A. (2019). Mastering the seven dimensions of the business/technology alignment. ProQuest Ebook
Central. Chapter 3: The Structure Story.

• Dennis, A., Wixom, B. H., & Tegarden, D. (2012). Systems analysis and design with UML (4th ed.). Wiley.
Chapter 1

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