Digital economy task Summary: Task 1: Midterm Assessment The mid-term assessment is an individual case study essay based on a connected enterprise.

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Task 1: Midterm Assessment

The mid-term assessment is an individual case study essay based on a connected enterprise.


Business Situation:

CAPCITY is the capital city of an emerging economy, EMERGE.

The ongoing financial crisis has led to a severe income inequality within the citizens of EMERGE. The mayor of CAPCITY, with an aim of closing this gap and reducing poverty within the city, decides to start a charity campaign.

Joining forces with the CAPCITY ICT team, they create a new e-platform with following characteristics of matchmaking:

· The families in need of primary resources (food, electricity, garments) can add their information to a list. They also submit how much they need to be financed that month, by submitting their unpaid bills. Originality of the bill is detected and approved by the portal’s system.

· The people who would like to help, enter the portal and randomly select one family from the unanimous list of families, with the help of the random selector.

· The platform also provides online secure payment tool. The selected family and their pre-submitted bills are paid by the contributors.


Task: Write a structured essay which incorporates the explanations for the questions below.

· Which type of business model does the portal belong to (with regards to users/contributors)? (5 points)

· Discuss the structure of this case in relevance to Open and Proprietary Platforms. (5 points)

· What features would you add to this portal to transform its model to generate revenue for CAPCITY as well? How would those features work? (5 points)

· Which of these enabling technologies (cloud, www, IoT, big data, AI, ML) might be used for the infrastructure of this portal? Explain why. (5 points)

· Explain at least 3 reasons why CAPCITY is a player of digital smart economy. Explain how the features introduced in the charity platform has reinforced the smart economy with its overall effects in ecosystem and society. (15 points)



· Wordcount: max 1000 words

· Add Introduction, Conclusion sections to overall structure of your essay You may also use tables and graphics. Use your design talent at max.

· Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total wordcount.

· Font: Arial 10. Single spacing. Text alignment: Justified.

· The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

Submission: Week (6) – Via Moodle (Turnitin). Sunday 6th March 2022. 23:59

This task is a 35% of your total grade for this subject.

· It assesses the following learning outcomes:

· Outcome 1: understand the framework and concepts of the digital economy;

· Outcome 2: critically assess the connected enterprise and how ICT impacts its transformation


Exceptional 90-100

Good 80-89

Fair 70-79

Marginal fail 60-69

Knowledge & Understanding (20%)

Student demonstrates excellent understanding of key concepts and uses vocabulary in an entirely appropriate manner.

Student demonstrates good understanding of the task and mentions some relevant concepts and demonstrates use of the relevant vocabulary.

Student understands the task and provides minimum theory and/or some use of vocabulary.

Student understands the task and attempts to answer the question but does not mention key concepts or uses minimum amount of relevant vocabulary.

Application (30%)

Student applies fully relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class.

Student applies mostly relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class.

Student applies some relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Misunderstanding may be evident.

Student applies little relevant knowledge from the topics delivered in class. Misunderstands are evident.

Critical Thinking (30%)

Student critically assesses in excellent ways, drawing outstanding conclusions from relevant authors, learning materials and project environment.

Student critically assesses in good ways, drawing conclusions from relevant authors, project and ecosystem with references.

Student provides some insights but stays on the surface of the topic. References may not be relevant.

Student makes little or none critical thinking insights, does not provide valid sources.

Communication (20%)

Student communicates their ideas extremely clearly and concisely, respecting word count, grammar and spellcheck

Student communicates their ideas clearly and concisely, respecting word count, grammar and spellcheck

Student communicates their ideas with some clarity and concision. It may be slightly over or under the wordcount limit. Some misspelling errors may be evident.

Student communicates their ideas in a somewhat unclear and unconcise way. Does not reach or does exceed wordcount excessively and misspelling errors are evident.

Rubrics for individual reports/essays

















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