Discussion A Position Paper, also known as a White Paper, is a tool to educate and inform the public on a specific health issue. This authoritative docume

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A Position Paper, also known as a White Paper, is a tool to educate and inform the public on a specific health issue. This authoritative document takes a specific position or recommends a specific approach to solving an identified problem. Choose a White Paper and include the link.
In this discussion, students will evaluate the White Paper and consider the quality and source of the message. The post should include: 

· an overview of the White Paper selected and how it relates to a health care policy effort of interest to the master’s prepared nurse – include its’ source and purpose 

· how the chosen White Paper can advance current health systems, practice, and/or organizations to improve health outcomes

· the selected White Papers’ impact on economic, legal, and/or regulatory processes

apa-7 format

2 peer reviewed articles within 5 years

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