Discussion Discussion: Industry Article Peer Review The Industry Article written in the previous workshop provided you with an opportunity to explore an

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Discussion Discussion: Industry Article Peer Review

The Industry Article written in the previous workshop provided you with an opportunity to explore an academic topic of your choosing based on the needs of your applied doctoral project and or a specific business-related topic of interest. As you wait for feedback from your facilitator, you will actively pursue feedback from your fellow classmates by sharing a draft of the article for peer review. Consider this submission an opportunity to strengthen and enhance your writing skills as well as collaborate with peers through the sharing of insights and the exchange of recommendations to enhance one another’s writing.  
For this assignment, you will submit your Industry Article for review by another student. Likewise, you will also conduct a review of another student’s article. Throughout the review process, seek to incorporate the knowledge and information you have gleaned from the texts and resources and writing practice in this course. This task affords you the benefit of a peer review where multivariant perspectives and viewpoints are used to analyze and critique your work in a safe, productive, and collegial way—as you reciprocate in the same process. There is no expectation that anyone is an expert; indeed, the goal of this assignment is to share and receive feedback and affirm good writing habits.  

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

· Demonstrate doctoral level writing skills.

Background Information

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1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
2. Review The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking: Concepts and Tools.
3. Read chapters 49–59 (pp. 150–180) in Everybody Writes.
4. Upload your Industry Article assignment as a Word document by DAY TWO (2) to give your student reviewer ample time to complete their review. Include the following in the initial discussion post which will help to establish context for the reviewer and others in the course.
a. the title of the article,
b. the name and NAICS code for the selected industry, and
c. the name and hyperlink for at least one industry journal editorial guidelines and submissions criteria.
d. Write a paragraph for the initial post to include the title of the article and summarization of it to help establish context for the reviewer and other readers in the course.
e. The instructor will assign each student to a specific student paper for conducting a peer review. Do not conduct a peer review until the instructor has assigned you an article.
5. Download the 
Article Peer-Review Template(Word document)

6. Download the Industry Article assigned for your peer review.
7. Complete the peer review using the template as the guide, following the prompts below:
a. Carefully read the instructions on the Article Peer-Review Template.
b. Insert your full name in the header or the footer of the blank template.
c. Save a copy of the template for use when conducting the peer review.
d. For the file-naming convention, use:

(Reviewer Last Name (You)_Abbreviated Title of the Article_Other Student’s Last Name           

Example: Jones_Falling Profits in the Airline Industry_Jackson
e. Complete the template in its entirety, assessing the other student’s article based on the critical thinking intellectual standards criteria, as adopted from The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking, and the other comment sections in the template.
f. Include appropriate, evidence-based, honest and respectful feedback using single-line spacing in the areas provided in the template.
g. Once the review is completed, review and edit, then save each Word document template as a PDF file.
8. Submit a PDF copy of your peer review in the discussion forum by the end of the workshop.
a. Write a brief paragraph response in the discussion forum summarizing your peer review to the student.
b. Upload the PDF copy of the completed Peer-Review Template to the discussion response.
c. You are encouraged to engage in dialogue with other students as well in the discussion forum.

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