Discussion Select ONE of the following: 1) Explain how the political and social history of Myanmar affected the response after Cyclone Nargis. How did it

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Select ONE of the following:

1) Explain how the political and social history of Myanmar affected the response after Cyclone Nargis. How did it affect their recovery efforts? Google the current political situation of Myanmar (Coup d’état in 2021) and compare it with the situation in 2008. Use one class source and one external source for the current situation (2021). 

2) Analyze the social, economic, physical and environmental vulnerabilities of Myanmar before the cyclone. How did these influence the consequences after the cyclone? 

Welcome to disasters
from shock to recovery. Last week we studied the most truths Indian
Ocean tsunami of 2004. This week we’re staying in the southeast Asia to
explore a country of majestic natural beauty
and the scene of constant political
struggle. Myanmar Also known as Burma but
that’s another story. During the 2004 tsunami these nations suffer
losses but he’s was yet to be hit
the hardest in 2008 by cyclin enlarges. The devastation brought
by the cyclin brought unexpected challenges
to foreign aid agencies negotiate with the
military regime in the country is make a parentheses to understand this particular
political situation. Burma is made of many ethnic groups that have indifferent times
ruled the country. It was once briefly the largest empire
in South East Asia In the 19th century after many words it became a British colony and only regain independence
in 1948. The piece was
short-lived as 1960 to mark the
beginning of a military dictatorship
and one of the longest ongoing
civil wars in the world. By 1997 the UN and many other
countries including the US Australia Canada and the European Union had imposed economic
sanctions on restrictions due to constant human rights violations
in the country. In response the Burmese
military regime blocked or impeded
activities conducted by the
UN UN NGOs to provide support to
suffering Burmese people an ethnic minorities who
were often targeted. The Burmese people were struggling not only
socially but also economically and the
environment often paid the price of overexploitation an
underinvestment. Cyclin nArgs
struck Myanmar on this second third
of May of 2008. It was a category tree
cyclin at the time. Bringing wind speeds of
a 124 miles per hour massive rains and almost
12 feet storm surge to the IAEA Zhao
Wei Delta region. Storm surge itself kill more than a 140 thousand
people and left precious agricultural
land and fisheries devastated the wake of the destroy destruction. So a 100 thousand people displace 50% of the schools destroys destroyed
and 70 by 75% of the health
facilities render useless I love the damage
observe in the coastal areas
can be attributed to poverty chronic
underinvestment in critical infrastructure and overexploitation of
coastal resources. In response to this
massive tragedy several affording
nations and international institutions like the UN rushed to bring aid but were
met with the same. If not Tophat restrictions to fording activities. A quick solution to
this obstacle was to set tent in Bangkok
Thailand and literally keeping
ships anchored in because of Burma waiting for approval to entry Aid was accepted
in the week following this cyclin
but not fought it. 48 countries workers. Only a few are ready
in-country before the cyclone could continue their operations
with restrictions. Left to fend
for themselves. The Burmese people
help themselves in the rescue on every
response efforts. But by the end of May it was a really running
out of resources. By this time
the pressure on the regime to provide support to the
victims increase. So they started to allow the creation of the
tree. Partied group To manage foreign aid
into barman the group included members of the Association of
Southeast Asian Nations. Government and the UN is group work in
the region until July 2010 facilitating
internal mobilization fostering trust
and cooperation. Done our nations
like the US struggled to support
the country and its people while still respecting or
direct support to the government agencies. To this day there is not complete certainty that the grants provided in the aftermath
did not benefit a little this sanction
government entities. It was simply too complicated to
follow their money while making sure all affected people
receive support. They used to recovery
as still to come to Burma on its people
the country. So its first democratic
elections in 2010. But the new government
taking power in 2011 but all military few years two prominent positions. Under this new government Myanmar isn’t the news. Admits accusation
accusations of ethnic cleansing against religious minorities. In this climate recovery is very low five years on farm productivity
crop yields and fish stocks are
struggling to regain preen Argus levels. Farmers and fishermen are heavily in debt or
unable to pay back. Pretty nArgs loans. The changing government
allowed for people to gain legal tenure of
the land they work. During the day they
take their ship. All land belonged
to the garment is an improvement but
communities in depth find themselves having to sell their land to survive. The Burmese as you
can appreciate by now real fires and
they and they find ways to survive under the most difficult
conditions. Some of their
strategies to cope with the losses after an
Argus are the following. Working longer hours
and taking side jobs. Migration to bigger
cities daily commuting on working for a big fishing companies. Changing agricultural
practices alternating between cost efficient crops selling assets
unchanging livelihoods. And finally reducing
expenditure by eating less and less
frequent reducing cost in social activities like weddings and funerals and skipping fertilizer an extra labor into farms. These coping strategies may help the Burmese survive current hardships
but doesn’t ensure the recovery
in the long-term. Furthermore these
practices may even exacerbate therefore Wouldn’t that
ability to future disasters cyclone Argus
struck me alma in 2008 but the country and its people have been
struggling long before. Their story is The Chronicle of the
effects of national and international
political decision-making and socioeconomic
malpractices. It proves that
disasters are not natural but the result of missed opportunities incoherent policies
on human action. What do you think
share your questions or comments with me on your weekly discussion
more or by email. Until next time
have a great week

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