Discussion Topic- EN 121 -Discussion Topic- Week 12 Discussion View these videos and then discuss the following: What is the difference between revision

Discussion Topic- EN 121 -Discussion Topic-

Week 12 Discussion

View these videos and then discuss the following: What is the difference between revision

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Discussion Topic- EN 121 -Discussion Topic-

Week 12 Discussion

View these videos and then discuss the following: What is the difference between revision and editing? Why do students either revise OR edit their paper? How can revising AND editing a paper lead to better grades? Why?

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Revising and Editing

Duration: (13:33)

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YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OZmS5tagok

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How to Revise a College Essa

Duration: (15:58)

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YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA15NrZNzp4 Revising and Editing Your Research Paper
Courtesy of Lake- Sumter State College

In the revision step, focus on the following questions and strategies:
Assignment requirements: Did you fulfill all the expectations for the assignment? Reread the directions to be sure.

Audience and purpose:
Does your content take your audience and their skill levels into consideration?
Have you fulfilled your initial purpose to inform, persuade, or convince your reader about a certain viewpoint?

Content and organization:
Does the overall organization of the paper make sense logically? Review your outline again, if necessary.
As you read your paper, revise content where necessary.
Rearrange words and sentences for a stronger affect, and rewrite passages that may not be clear.

Self-Revision-Content and Organization
Does your introduction catch the reader’s attention?
You can catch your reader’s attention in a number of ways: by telling a story, providing a shocking statistic or quotation, or explaining an interesting fact.
Have you included your thesis statement at the end of the introduction? Have you avoided jumping right into the arguments (the supporting evidence for the body of the paper)?

Self-Revision-Content and Organization
Supporting details:
Is each topic sentence thoroughly explained through the use of examples, reasons, facts, data, case studies, stories, and so forth?

Self-Revision-Content and Organization
Does your conclusion neatly wrap up the paper while making an impact on the reader?
Have you avoided simply repeating your introduction?
You can say something interesting or memorable in your conclusion, but again, avoid using the conclusion to add new information or to support your thesis.

Self-Revision-Content and Organization
Have you used transitions to move readers smoothly from paragraph to paragraph; from sentence to sentence; and from your own writing into quotations, paraphrases, or summaries?

Unity and coherence:
Does every paragraph have a topic sentence? Do all the supporting paragraphs relate to this one main idea? Is the writing clear, concise, and understandable?

Tone and vocabulary:
Are your voice and tone consistent throughout the paper? Your paper needs to be written from a third-person point of view (no I or you pronouns) and without slang or contractions.
To create a more lively tone, try writing a variety of sentence types.
Replace words that are too advanced for your audience, not descriptive enough, or vague.

Does every paraphrase, summary, and quotation have an in-text citation?
Are all references cited in the paper also listed on a references page at the end of the paper? It may help to print your paper and highlight all the passages that include sources to ensure each citation has a corresponding reference.

Paper formatting:
Is the paper in American Psychological Association format?
Did I follow Professor Hope’s instructions?

Is the title of the paper catchy enough to make the audience want to read your paper?
Not catchy: Boys and Girls in School
Catchy: Closing the Gender Gap in Our Schools

Editing is the final step in the revision process.
Editing involves looking for technical errors in your paper such as spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation:

Sentence structure:
Have you avoided fragments (sentences that are too short because they do not constitute a complete thought) and run-ons (sentences that are too long because they continue without a proper punctuation mark or break)?

Punctuation and capitalization:
Are capital letters, periods, commas, apostrophes, and other punctuation marks used correctly?

Spelling and word usage:
Always use the spell-check tool on your computer.
The spell-checker does not pick up every misspelled or misused word, so be sure to review your paper thoroughly for spelling errors.

Inoffensive language:
Be sure your writing refers to sex, race, gender, and religion equally and fairly.

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