discussion week 2 peers Discussion week 2 Reply to at least two of your peers.(400) count words Williamsom Week 2 Discussion COLLAPSE Top of Form Th

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discussion week 2 peers Discussion week 2

Reply to at least two of your peers.(400) count words


Week 2 Discussion


Top of Form

The week one topic for the research proposal was the importance of telehealth technology and telemedicine techniques in healthcare delivery. 

I received positive feedback from my instructor, though he gave me some changes to make on the proposal’s topic. The feedback helped me improve on the areas of my weakness before submission time. The feedback has also helped improve my confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning—this feedback has motivated me to continue with the research.

Research question 

How have telehealth technology and telemedicine techniques improved healthcare delivery among the vulnerable population? 

This research question is better because it is specific and not a fishing expedition. My research question is also measurable, realistic, attainable and researchable.  The question is also complex, requiring in-depth investigation and developing an original argument.

Research answer 

Developing telehealth technology and telemedicine techniques to improve healthcare delivery among vulnerable populations.



The article is all about advancing digital health for the people in the community.  The healthcare industry in the United States is dealing with greater workload and developing digitalization concerns. A thorough understanding of cybersecurity should be essential for those who want to influence US government policy. It is essential to review artificial intelligence, and argumentative reality works to foster security of patient care, monitoring and examining impacts of individuals and overall health organization.

 Through the valid information from the source, I was able to answer the research questions first by focusing on the finding from the source and the conclusion. These elements helped in answering the research questions.

Edward Gonzales

1. First, post your original Research Question from your Week One Proposal.

How to help Hispanic homosexual community to avoid spread HIV and what is the participation of the community and government in this matter?

1. What feedback did you receive on it from your instructor and others? What did you find helpful from this feedback?

The feedback that I received from my classmates was positive feedback, they like the topic and added some valuable details and information. On the other hand, my instructor was concerned since I present the topic not as an argumentative format, I did not mention a clear controversy and my research question was not exactly what I need to complete my assignment. Both feedbacks were helpful since I know I have a good subject and was interesting to my classmates and the instructor; it also helps me to reorganize my ideas and find another way to present my project.

1. Using your reading this week and the feedback you received, post a refined draft of your Research Question.

Should private healthcare organizations provide free treatment for HIV patients?


1. Why is this a better question? How is it argumentative? What different views are there on this topic?

This question gives me a better direction in how to approach the subject and how to present it to the audience. It allows me to have more room to investigate, expose personal evidence and a acquire a position in my topic. The topic is extensive and controversial where the audience can adopt different views like be against the free treatment, be part of the idea about the free help for this community or be neutral to the idea.

1. What stance are you likely to take? What is your answer to your Research Question? Write a single sentence that fully answers it. This will be a revised draft of your thesis statement.

I am going to support the idea, provide free medical attention to HIV patients at health care organization is essential to control and avoid more individuals the virus. Every person with this clinical condition is intitle to have free medical care without having any kind of discrimination or monetary obligation. Government should create more founding plans where allows health care providers to have economic incentives when they provide enrollment, help and support to these population.

1. Next, conduct a search using Keiser’s e-Library databases. Post an APA citation to one source you located through Keiser’s e-Library.

Lipira, L., MSW, Williams, E. C., MPH, Hutcheson, R., Katz, A. B., & CPH. (2017). Evaluating the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on HIV Care, Outcomes, Prevention, and Disparities: A Critical Research Agenda. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 28(4), 1254.

1. Provide a summary of the source. For instance, what does it say? What are its findings? Why is it relevant in the field?

With the previous source it illustrates the participation of the government to promote and incentive the access of health care service to any person in medical necessity specially people with HIV. It also promotes the participation of medical providers with an essential quality-of-care, according with this article providers and staff are indispensable to offer to these patients hope and quality of life. There are different important factors like costs, population, quality of care, prevention, and programs that I can use to demonstrate the current situation of this population and how important is to have access to free medical care. This is relevant to the field since as a health service administrator you oversee, coordinate, and facilitate the care of the patient as well as to provide any kind of aid to qualify to government programs.

1. Provide an application of the source. How does this source help you answer your Research Question? Where specifically might you use this source in your actual paper?


This source helped me to have a better idea and understanding of the obligation that medical providers have towards the society; physicians how practice medicine needs to have as their main objective the help to the community, they have the responsibility to provide excellent medical care in difficult situations. It is true that are numerous options for this patients to get free help and medication but there many of these population that need guidance and help. Is clear that there is more room for improvement to create additional programs to motivate physicians to help this community with free treatments. I will be using this source in the body of my paper since it has evidence, statistics, and facts that will help me support my idea.  

Bottom of Form

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