Eng Watch the video first!! https://www.ted.com/talks/kimberle_crenshaw_the_urgency_of_intersectionality?language=en nitial Post: The purpose of the

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Watch the video first!!


nitial Post: The purpose of the TQE is to deepen your understanding of the Theory of Intersectionality. This is a two-part TQE.  Each part is worth a maximum of  5 points.  To get ten points, you both complete both parts.  After you have read the handouts (3)  and watched Dr. Crenshaw’s Ted talk, please do one of the following:

PART I:  How are you making sense of the Theory of Intersectionality?  Post at  least one direct quote from Dr. Crenshaw’s video or from the readings that you found particularly important or thought-provoking.  Explain why you chose that quote.  What does it teach us about this theory?  Or what questions does it raise for you? 

Now, do  
 of the following below.

· Post a video/audio that you found online that explains Intersectionality. Write a quick intro to the video (2-3 sentences). Do not post a link to a video/audio has already been posted.

· Post a link to an article that explains Intersectionality. Explain why you found this article helpful. Be sure to write at least one sentence about the how you know this is a high quality source. Do not post a link to a source that has already been posted.

· Post a video of you speaking about intersectionality


Response: Read all the posts and choose one to respond to. In your response, think about the power of groups, and how humans are driven by social interaction and group belonging. With this in mind, in your response to your colleague do one of the following: 

· Thought(s): Tell us what your colleagues’ response made you think about? Did you agree?  Disagree?  

· Question(s): Pose a question that came up for you (from the post, or from the reading that you think may have a relationship to what your colleague has written)

· Epiphanies: As you read the response, did you have any aha moments? What did you learn from your colleague?

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