EVALUATION AND CONTROL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Discuss the evaluation and control components of your entrepreneurial marketing plan for your food truck.  The pu

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EVALUATION AND CONTROL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Discuss the evaluation and control components of your entrepreneurial marketing plan for your food truck. 

The purpose of this section of your plan is to actively monitor the processes and to review the outcomes and results of your efforts. Initially, specific marketing objectives were articulated for your plan. When evaluation and control are included, the end results are carefully compared to the objectives, and any deviations are noted. Then, organizational leadership can determine corrective action and implement such action to get the plan back on track. ENTR550 – Entrepreneurial Marketing

Week 7 Course Project Assignment

Evaluation and Control
Executive Summary
The evaluation and control portion of this Course Project should be five to seven pages long, plus the title page and the references page. Use the following outline to write your Evaluation and Control assignment.

Remember to complete the Executive Summary

Section 1

· Provide an in-depth sales analysis, including appropriate explanatory information.

Section 2

· Provide a market share analysis, including a comparison to your competitors.

Section 3

Fully and completely explain the following.
· How will you monitor any deviations from the expected norms?
· What are the early liquidity indicators?
· Are there other indicators that you should consider using? If so, what are they, and why would you use them?
· Why are they significant?
· What financial information will you use for comparisons? Justify your position.

Section 4

· What are the long-term implications of evaluation and control considering an endeavor of this magnitude?
· Why are they important to consider and discuss for this initiative?
· Be sure to address any possible future change implications as they relate to the evaluation function of this endeavor. Why is evaluation and control important to consider and discuss?

Section 5

· Executive Summary. Use the following guidelines:
· The Executive Summary is a one-page summarization that includes the main components of your Course Project. Succinctly written, it is the overview, intended to attract the attention of all potential investors.
· Although the Executive Summary is included as a part of the Evaluation and Control Paper, it is actually placed at the very beginning of a real-life plan. Think of it this way, your potential investor opens your business plan portfolio and the first document that he or she sees and reads is your executive summary. So, based on this, write this one-page document as if it is the absolute, most important document of your entire business plan.

· Note: This one-page executive summary can be either a deal maker, or a deal breaker. The reason we wait until the very last minute to write such an important piece is because Up until now, you had not completed all of the components and would not have included the most accurate information in your executive summary. That is the main reason why the summary is written as the very last item.
· Your course instructor will carefully compare your Executive Summary page against the entire plan to ensure that they are in agreement with one another.
The executive summary should be one page in length. It does not have any in-text citations or references information. It is a stand-alone document.

Section 6


· Provide appropriate references for all outside sourced information included in this assignment.
· Use APA style for both the in-text citations as well as the corresponding references entries.
· Remember, with limited exceptions, every in-text citation must have a corresponding entry in this references section.
· See the appropriate section in Student Resources within this course for additional information related to the APA style of writing (Writing Resources: APA).
Although there isn’t an expected minimum number of in-text citations or references required for this assignment, a good benchmark to consider is at least two citations. One of the citations may be the course textbook, if appropriate.

Grading Rubric

Section of Paper

Points Possible

Points Earned

Sales analysis


Market share analysis


Monitoring and reporting of deviations


Long-Term implications


Paper mechanics (title page/references)/APA style of writing


The executive summary (one-page document)




Instructor Comments:

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