FINAL PROJECT DUE BY 24 HOURS Please pick a topic I will be able to do a video off. Thank you for all your help Course Goals: 1. Integrate theory, econo

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FINAL PROJECT DUE BY 24 HOURS Please pick a topic I will be able to do a video off. Thank you for all your help Course Goals:

1. Integrate theory, economics, and behavioral elements into the strategic goals of an organization.
2. Demonstrate high level use of tactical, operational, and strategic business tools in a local and global environment.
3. Create coherent forms of both narrative and persuasive types of communication, and present them orally and in written form to diverse professional audiences.
4. Apply quantitative methods to the analysis of real-world business situations.

Instructions for Discussion:

1. Create a 1 – 2 minute video presentation in any format your prefer. The video should be an MP4 format, but other formats are acceptable.
a. The video can be uploaded on any application that is publicly accessible including but not limited to: Vimeo, Youtube, Panopto, Google Docs, Microsoft Meeting. The video can also be emailed to me.

Choose a current event in Global Business.

Examples might be: Covid, IC Shortage, Crypto Currency, General Inflation, Oil prices, production, Tariffs, Trade Agreements, Logistics Delays, Outsourcing, Global Business Expansion, Labor Shortage, Global Warming, Pollution, Racism / Xenophobia, or Choose any topic that is Global and affects Business.

3. Using the Course Objectives (listed below) demonstrate knowledge of at least 2 the topics listed in the Course Objectives on Page 2.

4. Discuss the issue / problem with the following intent:
a. Recommend a company’s approach toward problem resolution. Address:
i. The benefits of your recommendation.
ii. The risks of implementing your recommendation.
iii. Any tradeoffs a company may have to make.

· Global warming.
· Addresses objective numbers 6 and 11.
· Item 6. Discuss a strategy that extends across country borders.
· Item 11. Utilize critical thinking in an international business environment.
· Use the elements in section 4 (above) to help organize your discussion.

Course Objectives:

This course emphasizes the knowledge and skills managers need to face global competition and evaluate international investment and business opportunities. The course will be conducted through lectures, discussion, and case analysis. Reviewing, analyzing and relating current events happening during the course will be center in the course. This course seeks to enable students to do the following:

1) To discuss the challenges of international management and describe the 21st -century global competitive landscape;
2) How to create market penetration plan for products (existing or new) into countries; considering strategy, marketing, cultural and other aspects critical for success
3) To describe global business concepts, models, and frameworks and their cross-functional integration;
4) To research varied foreign markets and develop strategy that takes into account relevant political, cultural, and economic factors;
5) To explain when and why to use different product-market entry and penetration strategies;
6) To identify some of the different skills and system required to implement strategies across country borders:
7) To explain how firms sustain and renew resources, capabilities and core competencies to support international growth strategies;
8) To perform quantitative and qualitative analysis to examine global issues, formulate solutions and support with case-specific evidence;
9) To argue in favor of a clear and focused position while considering the insights of peers;
10) To team work in culturally diverse environments;
11) To improve critical and strategic thinking, primarily through deciphering complex international business environments.
12) Relate current business news with topics of the class

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