given the following data from a comparative competitive efforts page in the cir

Given the following data from a Comparative Competitive Efforts page in the CIR: Your Company $74.50 9.9 50 16,500 0.00 1 wks 5,000 3,282 345 94 2,024 Industry Your Company WHOLESALE SEGMENT Wholesale Price (S per pair) S/Q Rating (1 to 10 stars) Model Availability Brand Advertising ($O000s) Rebate Offer (S per pair) Delivery Time (weeks) Retailer Support (S per outlet) Retail Outlets Celebrity Appeal Brand Reputation (prior-year average) Pairs Demanded Gained/Lost (due to stockouts) Pairs Sold (000s) Market Share (% Average $53.83 6.3 300 14,350 3.40 2.8 wks 4,675 1,538 vs. Ind. Av +38.4% +57.1 % -83.3% +15.0% -100.0% -64.3% +7.0% +1 1 3.4% +210.8% +23.7% -16.1% 76 2,413 0 2,413 10.0% 2,024 8.4% -16.1 % 1.6 pts Based on the above data for your company, which of the following statements is false? O Your companys biggest percentage competitive advantage in the Wholesale Segment related to celebrity appeal Your companys branded sales volume and market share in the Wholesale segment were positively impacted by your companys brand reputation, S/Q rating, and number of retail outlets O Your company had three very sizable negative percentage competitive disadvantages in the Wholesale segment â one of these related to delivery time O Your companys percentage competitive advantages and disadvantages on the 10 competitive factors affecting Wholesale sales and market share resulted in a net overaIA competitive disadvantage of a size that resulted in a below-average 8.4% market share for your company.A O Your companys branded sales volume and market share in the Wholesale segment were negatively impacted by your companys competitive effort in model availability and the lack of a rebate offer. Copying, redistributing, or website posting is expressly prohibited and constitutes copyright violation.

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