given the following data from a recent comparative competitive efforts page in the cir

Given the following data from a recent Comparative Competitive Efforts page in the CIR: IndustryYour Company INTERNET SEGMENT Retail Price ($ per pair) Search Engine Advertising ($000s) Free Shipping S/Q Rating Model Availability Brand Advertising Celebrity Appeal Brand Reputation Online Orders (000s) Pairs Sold (000s) Market Share (% Your Compan $63.00 5,000 No 4.3 400 12,000 Average $76.28 6,225 None 6.3 300 14,350 vs. Ind. Av -17.4% -19.7% Same -31.7% +33.3% -16.4% -100.0% +5.3% +1 1 .2% +1 1 .2% +1 1 .2% 80 598 598 76 538 538 10.0% Based on the above data for your company, which of the following statements is false? Your companys percentage competitive advantages and disadvantages on the8 competitive factors affecting Internet sales and market share resulted in a net_overall competitive advantage of a size sufficient to produce an 11.1% market share for your company, which was above the 10.0% average market share for the region. Your companys most powerful competitive disadvantage in Internet segment related to the fact that your companys retail price was 17.4% below the industry average. Your companys branded sales volume and market share in the Internet segment were negatively impacted by your companys competitive effort in search engine advertising and brand advertising. Your companys branded sales volume and market share in the Internet segment were positively impacted by your companys brand reputation. Your companys biggest percentage competitive advantage in the Internet Segment related to model availability

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