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Watch movie: THE HELP Berkus, N. (Producer), & Taylor, T. (Director). (2011). The help [Motion Picture]. United States: DreamWorks Pictures.

Discuss the types of learning and models of transfer you noted after watching The Help and how learning transfer was impeded and supported by environmental aspects such as culture and technology. Consider the following:

• From that perspective, how were the learning situations different in this film from Renaissance Man?

• How did you see critical thinking and critical perspective development?

• How easy or difficult was it for the learners to learn what was needed, and why was it easy or difficult?

• How successful were the learners? Defend your answer.

As you watch the movie, pay particular attention to the environments in which learning occurs:

• When was the learning going on, what types of learning were occurring, and was the learning intentional?

• What cultures were represented?

o Remember to think beyond nationality or race.

• What technologies were involved?

• Who was involved, and why were they motivated to learn in each situation?

• How did those involved demonstrate transfer of learning to another time, place, or environment?

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