Help One area that you will need to work on is your thesis. Work on avoiding the announcement thesis What makes a person admirable Admiration

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One area that you will need to work on is your thesis.  Work on avoiding the announcement thesis

What makes a person admirable

Admiration is described as a human emotion generated by people of talent, skill, or competency that exceeds common standards. A person who deserves admiration is described as admirable. Such a person has unique qualities that make him or her to be admirable. Some people think that people with flashy lifestyles, good cars and big houses are admirable. However, admiration is more of one’s character rather than possessions. The primary objective of the essay is to explain three qualities that an admirable person has including humility, courage and resilience. The paper uses examples of admirable people who possess either of the three traits.

A humble person is regarded as an admirable person because he or she lives life like it is without faking anything and without looking down upon other people. Humility is not about a low view of one’s importance or poor living standards, but rather is about self-awareness and self-management. Two examples of people that most admire because of their humility are Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg. Barack Obama with such great power while serving as the president, he talked with humility. Obama had the unique ability to connect earthly with people from all walks of life. Despite being a person of high status, Zuckerberg lives a simple life, and he is very humble.

Two people most find admirable because of their courage are Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela. Historically, Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most courageous people in the world to have ever lived. Being a black, he fought for equal rights of people regardless of their race during a time when racism was rampant in the U.S. Martin Luther sacrificed his life to fight for equality and to end discrimination against blacks by whites. Mandela’s story is admirable based on the fact he did not fear what could be done to him but rather focused on his course to save south Africa from the hands of colonizers.

Resilience is the ability by an individual to overcome hardships and challenges to achieve huge success. Two people most admire for their resilience are Charlize Theron and Michael Jordan. Theron was a South African actress who achieved significant fame around the world. However, the pain of her early childhood did not stop her from achieving her goals. Her story is inspiring that no matter what we go through, we can still become what we want. Michael Jordan is one of the famous NBA legends who achieved huge success. However, Jordan did not wake up one day and became a star, he failed a couple of times, but he never gave up.

Character and personality are what makes a person admirable. The three-character traits discussed in the essay that are portrayed by admirable people include humility, courage and resilience. The three traits in a person makes them people to be emulated by others. For example, most people would find Barack Obama admirable because he is a humble person regardless of his social status. Admirable people possess a trait that inspires other people to become better. 

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