Help With Funeral Assgn Due In 48 Hours due in 8 hours attached Final Assignment: 2 1/2-3 Page Paper: Describe A Funeral Rite From A Subculture You Have N

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due in 8 hours


Final Assignment: 2 1/2-3 Page Paper: Describe A Funeral Rite From A Subculture You Have No Experience With

I want to make sure you all leave here not only with a good academic understanding of Sociology for Funeral Service but also the application to your everyday lives as funeral directors. I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN-CHRISTIAN/BAPTIST-FROM LOUISIANA

Here’s the assignment:

· You are to write a 2 1/2 – 3 page essay. You must use size 12 Times New Roman font with standard borders and double-spaced page layout. You should use APA formatting for this paper. If you’re unsure about APA, visit for help.

· This is an informational essay. This means you are writing to inform the reader about your topic.

· I want you to pick a subculture different than your own, or one you have never worked with. Choosing a religion might be the simplest approach if you’re unsure. Please, try and choose a subculture that is one you might run across while working as a funeral director. DO NOT pick a subculture of a rare/extinct custom you would never work with. I know researching the funeral customs of extinct and lesser-known peoples can be very interesting, but to get the most out of this project, I challenge you to research your local community and find a church or group that you’re unfamiliar with.  I AM AFRICAN AMERICAN-CHRISTIAN/BAPTIST-FROM LOUISIANA

· You are to describe that subculture’s ‘traditional’ or ‘normal’ funeral rite. 

· For example, a Tibetan Buddhist funeral is different than a Korean Buddhist funeral. So, be as specific as you can. 

· Describe at least the major elements of a funeral: body (what do you do with it), body container (casket? urn? nothing?), disposition method, objects used (for example, in Catholicism, you use a pall to cover the casket), words (prayers, eulogies), flowers/plants, time of day. The more specific and detailed, the better. I should see individual paragraphs covering these topics.

· Spell check!

· Your introduction should tell the reader what subculture’s funeral rite you are describing.

· Your conclusion should summarize the major points of the funeral rite you covered.

· The middle paragraphs should tell the reader about the specifics of the funeral rite.

· This is not a personal story, so avoid using ‘I’ or ‘me.’ If you use the words ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘we’ you will lose points. 

· You must include 3 sources.  They should be cited appropriately, using APA formatting. If you’re using a website you must link to the exact web page. I do check these. Social media posts do not count (for example, don’t link to your Mom’s friend’s Facebook post). Search engine results do not count (do not link to News articles are OK, blog posts or information found on university or academic websites are also good.

· You must include your full name in the footer or header of your paper. When I print out your paper, I need to be able to see your name. I grade these by hand!

Please remember that I run your papers through a plagiarism checker. I do not tolerate plagiarism. If you want to include text from another source, you must appropriately cite that within your paper using APA format. 

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