HP Journal School of Nursing DNP Syllabus Rev. 11/17/21 1 Course Number and Prefix: DNPV 768 Course Name: Healthcare Policy Credit Hours: 4

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HP Journal School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 1

Course Number and Prefix: DNPV 768
Course Name: Healthcare Policy

Credit Hours: 4

Prerequisites: DNPV 760

Corequisites: None

Course Description: This course will address the design, influence and

implementation of health policy and healthcare system issues on a local, state,

national and international level. Advocacy related to population need, social justice,

ethical practice, will be central to this course. Critical analysis, health policy

proposals and healthcare leadership will be covered in relation to patient care,
healthcare, and other client outcomes. Finance, regulations, delivery and scope of

DNP education and practice are also included. Participants will be encouraged to

apply such information to their DNP project as appropriate.

Course Delivery Format: Online, primarily asynchronous. Course delivered in

Canvas Learning Management System. Course may include group and individual
work, including testing, scholarly and opinion papers, interactive and self-directed


Synchronous Course Meetings: your course may have synchronous meetings. If

you are unable to attend during the meeting time you will have access to a
recording. Details will be available in your Canvas course.

Canvas has 24-hour online support as well as a hotline for students (1-833-255-

9715). Students are encouraged to reach out to the Canvas support with any

Canvas issue. Canvas Help can be found on the left menu once logged into any
Canvas course.

Course Faculty and contact information:

Log in to Canvas to view this information on the course homepage.

Professional Educational Standards
The following standards are addressed in this course:

AACN DNP Essentials:

Essential I: Scientific Underpinnings for Practice.

Essential II: Organizational and Systems Leadership for Quality Improvement and

Systems Thinking.

Essential III: Clinical Scholarship and Analytical Methods for Evidence-Based Practice.

School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 2

Essential IV: Information Systems/Technology and Patient Care Technology for the
Improvement and Transformation of Health Care.

Essential V: Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care.

Essential VI: Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient and Population
Health Outcomes.

Essential VIII: Advanced Nursing Practice

Program Outcomes:

2. Select appropriate organizational and systems leadership models and theories to

promote quality improvement and systems thinking.

4. Design evidence-based practice that integrates nursing science and quality

improvement methodologies with the science of other applicable disciplines to

improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

6. Critically analyze policy/laws/ethics to develop, evaluate, and advocate for,

change that shapes financing, regulation, and delivery of nursing and health

care services.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, the course participant will be able to:

Course Objective Mapped to Program

1. Examine the role of the doctorally prepared nurse
in policy processes.


2. Critically analyze health polices, proposals, and
extraneous issues related to such from the

perspective of nurses, stakeholders, and others

impacted by such


3. Demonstrate leadership and political advocacy

related to current or proposed policies through

development, implementation and evaluation of

health care policies at a local, state, regional, and
national level.

2, 4, 6

4. Educate specific populations related to health
care needs, policy and potential outcomes of such.

2, 4

5. Synthesize variables that influence policy – such
as finance, legal issues, etc. – into a comprehensive


School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 3

intervention that addresses specific needs of

identified populations.

6. Explore the various facets of the healthcare

delivery system within the United States including
population need, social justice, ethics, and


2, 6


Required Texts:

Shi, L. & Singh, D. A. (2019). Delivering Health Care in America (7th ed.).

Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 978-1284124491

Porche, D.J. (2019). Health Policy: Application for Nursing and Other Healthcare

Professionals. (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 978-1-


Milstead, J.A. & Short, N.M. (2019). Health Policy & Politics: A Nurse’s Guide. (6th

ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. ISBN: 978-1-284-12637-2

Recommended Texts:

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American

Psychological Association (7th ed.). ISBN: 978-1-4338-3217-8

Additional Required Reading: as assigned

Course Grading Requirements

Type of Assignment

Possible Points Module Due

Group Assignments 450 points

(2 worth 225 each)

Module 4-5, 7-8

Discussion Boards 500 points

(5 worth 100 each)


1, 2, 3, 5, 6

Quiz 50 points

(5 quizzes worth 10


Total Possible Points 1000 Points

Assignments: See course schedule for assignment details.

Grading Rubrics:

Rubrics are available in the online course classroom.

School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 4

Grading Scale: All courses have 1000 total points. Points are awarded

through successful completion of assigned work each week. See individual

assignment grading rubrics for more details on point earnings. A final course

grade will be given based on the percentage of points earned. A minimum

grade of 83% is required to pass all courses. Grades are calculated in
whole numbers and are not rounded.

Grading Scale (established by the university):

Total points: 1000 points. Grade given in percentage.

Percentage Score
Quality Points

Letter Grade Equivalent

100 4 A

99 3.95 A

98 3.9 A

97 3.85 A

96 3.8 A

95 3.75 A

94 3.7 A

93 3.65 A

92 3.6 A-

91 3.55 A-

90 3.5 A-

89 3.45 B+

88 3.4 B+

87 3.35 B+

86 3.3 B

85 3.25 B

84 3.2 B

83 3.15 B

82 3.1 B-

Less than 82* 0

School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 5

Course Schedule: Days of the Week

The course is divided into weeks. Due dates for assignments are stated in Day

numbers. Day One is Wednesday the first day beginning each week. Day Seven is


• Wednesday: Day One

• Thursday: Day Two

• Friday: Day Three

• Saturday: Day Four

• Sunday: Day Five

• Monday: Day Six

• Tuesday: Day Seven

Assignments are due no later than 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time. on the day that

is stated in the assignments section.

University Resources:


You will be required to find resources from the library. Please familiarize

yourself with the Jay Sexter Library here: https://tun.touro.edu/jay-sexter-

Office of Academic Services and Institutional Support (OASIS)

Assistance with: writing- library research, APA formatting; time management and

efficient study habits; MS Office software; and other campus-related questions
Email: oasis@tun.touro.edu

Phone: 702-777-3188

School of Nursing Front Desk:

Phone: 702-777-1746

School of Nursing POLICIES

Student Attendance: Attendance monitoring is required by the Nevada Post-

Secondary Education Commission and federal student aid regulations. Attendance

for this course is determined by individual student’s login to the Canvas Learning

Management System and entry into the course site. The first course log in must be
within the first week of the course- failure to log in may result in administrative

withdrawal from the course. Students are required to log into the course on

at least three separate days each week of the course term to be counted

present. Points will be deducted from weekly assignments for failure to

meet this requirement. Failure to meet the attendance requirements for more




School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 6

than two consecutive weeks of the course or to notify the Program Director of the
reason for an inability to access the course may result in administrative withdrawal

from the course.

Incomplete Grade Policy: In some circumstances, students may not be able to

complete all elements of the course. With instructor discretion, an incomplete grade

may be awarded when 75% of the required course work has been completed and
the student is passing the course. In this circumstance, an alternative curriculum

plan will be arranged through the direction of the course instructor and Program

Director. The student is required to initiate the process of obtaining an incomplete

and forming an alternative curriculum plan. Upon completion of the course work,

the student’s incomplete grade will be changed to reflect the grade earned in the

course. If the student fails to complete the contract, the Incomplete is converted to
a grade of “U” or unsatisfactory, which is a failed grade for the course. This may

result in Administrative Withdrawal from the program.

Late Assignment Policy: Assignments are due by 11:59 pm Pacific time of the

assigned due date. Late assignments will receive a 10% reduction for each

partial/full day after class on the due date. Assignments submitted more
than 3 days late may not be accepted by the instructor. Individual

accommodations may be considered for extenuating circumstances with prior

approval of the course instructor or with approval of the Program Director.

Touro University Nevada operates Monday through Thursday 8am to 5pm

and Fridays 8am to 3pm Pacific Time. The school is closed on holidays. See
University Calendar for details concerning holidays.

Communication with Faculty: Students are invited to arrange a conference with

faculty on an as needed basis. In order to facilitate a conference, please contact the

faculty member via email and request a conference. You will receive a calendar
invite with an appointment time, call-in number and conference code. Faculty will

respond to your request within one to two business days.

Students are expected to use their TUN email when interacting with faculty

concerning course work. In order to protect student privacy, emails sent from
students’ personal email accounts will not be responded to except to direct the

student to use TUN email for faculty interaction.

University Catalog/School of Nursing Student Handbooks: Touro University

Nevada Catalog and School of Nursing student handbooks may be viewed or

downloaded from the Touro University Nevada website.

Student Academic Grievance Process: refer to TUN Catalog

School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 7

Academic Integrity: refer to the TUN Catalog and the SON Graduate handbook.
The School of Nursing committed to maintaining the highest standards of personal

integrity in all aspects of our professional and academic lives. Because intellectual

integrity is a hallmark of scholarly and scientific inquiry as well as a core value of

the Jewish tradition, students and faculty are expected to share a mutual respect

for teaching, learning and the development of knowledge. They are expected to
adhere to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, professional conduct of

academic work and respect for all community members.

Accommodations for students with disabilities policy: Touro University

Nevada is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with
documented disabilities. An individual with a disability is a person who has a

physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life

activities of the individual. A student requesting an accommodation under the ADA

for a disability must meet with the Compliance Officer, the Director of the Office of

Academic Services and Institutional Support (OASIS). An application for requesting

accommodations for a disability can be obtained from the OASIS office or
oasis@tun.touro.edu or 702-777-3188.

For more information: https://tun.touro.edu/life-at-touro-nevada/academic-


Course Syllabus Changes: This syllabus provides general information about the
course. The course syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the course

instructor or program director to accommodate the needs of the student, program,

or course instructor. Any changes made after the start of the first day of the

trimester/term will be communicated to the students in writing.

Participation in the course Canvas shell indicates agreement and compliance with

the policies and procedures stated in this syllabus.



School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 8

Technology Requirements: provided by the TUN IT Department

Student Laptop/Tablet – Standard Configurations

Touro University Nevada (TUN) Information Technology Department

recommends Touro University Nevada (TUN) Information Technology

Department recommends these laptops and tablet specifications based on a

number of factors including price-performance ratio, reliability, and customer

service. The specifications below are the minimum recommended build; prices

may vary depending on manufacture and options selected. If your current laptop

or tablet is more than three (3) years old, we highly recommend the
consideration of the purchase of a new laptop before beginning a new academic
year. If you have any questions please contact IT via email ithelp@tun.touro.edu

Laptop or Tablet

• Windows 10
• Core i5 Processor or higher
• 8 GB of RAM memory or higher
• 250 GB Solid State Drive or higher
• Wireless AC Dual Band Adapter
• 4+ Hours Battery Life


• macOS Sierra or more recent
• Core i5 Processor or higher
• 8 GB of RAM memory or higher
• 256 GB Solid State Drive or higher
• Wireless AC Dual Band Adapter
• 4+ Hours Battery Life

Please note that Linux, iOS, Android, and/or ChromeOS systems are not fully

functional with all campus resources and cannot be supported by the TUN I.T.


Technology Requirements for the School of Nursing

Students are required to consistently connect to the Canvas on line learning

management system and TUN email. Students are required to check the TUN email
account at least five days per week. If you need help setting up smart phone

access to your cellular device, please contact the Help Desk. The Canvas

learning platform includes class materials, syllabi, and the ability to participate in

discussions/communications, as required.


School of Nursing DNP Syllabus

Rev. 11/17/21 9

This course requires the use of a word processor (e.g. Microsoft Word) and a

presentation application (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint). Many programs will meet this

requirement. For a free office suite with applicable programs try OpenOffice 3.0


ALL papers MUST be submitted in *.doc or *.docx form and presentations MUST be

submitted in *.ppt or *.pptx form. These are the Microsoft file extensions for MS

Word and MS PowerPoint. If using another office suite please be sure to save your

work using these file extensions.

If you have any questions concerning file format please contact the instructor.

Technical Support

TUN IT department – Issues with email account/logging in

Hours: Monday – Thursday 8: 00 am – 8:00 pm (Pacific Time), Friday 8:00 am –

3:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Email: ithelp@tun.touro.edu
Phone: 702-777-3160


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