Human Sexuality answer discussion post and reply to classmate post COMMUNICATE MONOGAMY 2 Textbook- Crooks R. L., Baur K., & Widman L. (2021). Our S

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answer discussion post and reply to classmate post


Textbook- Crooks R. L., Baur K., & Widman L. (2021). Our Sexuality. 

Discussion 1 (400 words)

Begin by viewing the PBS Documentary “American Porn
.”  Discuss how  atypical sexual behavior is defined. Religion and the economy, for example, have played large roles in establishing what is considered normal and what is considered deviant. Who decides, for example, what is “atypical” sexual behavior?


Reply 1 destiny (60 words)

(Crooks, 2021) Atypical sexual behavior can be defined as sexual behaviors that are not seen within society “norms”, unusual sexual arousal in the content of people, objects, and situations. These behaviors show sexual deviance in individuals.  Religion and society has played a large role in establishment of what is atypical sexual behaviors. Society and religions set up and apply rules for peoples sexual behaviors based on moral values and decides which behaviors are atypical to nature, this has been an ongoing practice since the beginning of time. As times have changed and pornography has become “normalized” we see a change within society, not so much religion, as a whole. Society has come to small acceptances over time in regards to porn and other atypical sexual behaviors. Some of these acceptances include the more exposure ways in which men and women dress and present themselves, the availability to online porn, and accesses to adult stores. Acts upon porn and pornography have come to be an acceptable part, within reason, to our society. Although over decades society has a whole has changed their view over porn and pornography many religions have not. Many established religions and cultures

believe that porn is against chasity, offends the dignity of the participants, and is sinful; applying selfishness. I believe that the over all problem we see faced against pornography’s in todays society is addiction and the desensitization it can lead towards sex. Human sexuality and sexual behaviors is a part of life but how we apply and use these available resources is essential to help us pleasure these needs but not cloud our minds. 

Reply 2 cassandra ( 60 words)

After watching the documentary and reading this week’s chapters, I have a better understanding of what is considered “atypical” sexual behavior and who decides what is considered “atypical” sexual behavior. Atypical sexual behavior is also known as paraphilias or uncommon sexual expression (Crooks, 2021). Religion but mostly society are who determines what constitutes atypical sexual behavior. Anything outside the normal of sexual behavior and that is not expressed by the majority in that society is within the definition of atypical. On the contrary, just because someone has occasional unusual fantasies does not mean there is a psychological disorder. 

The video expresses the urge to continue pushing the limits of the American porn industry as so many get bored with the usual (Kirk, 2002). There are eight most common types of paraphilic disorders. Some examples of uncommon sexual expression include things like sadism (arousal through pain), video voyeurism (pleasure by recording unaware victims), Pedophilia (sexual activity with a minor child). Most professionals believe contributing factors of paraphilia disorders include biological, psychological, and social factors contributed (Crooks, 2021).

Discussion 2 (400 words)

Begin by defining pornography and explain some of the problems in establishing a contemporary definition. Compare pornography and erotica.

Discuss the current legal controversies surrounding pornography and freedom of speech.

· Should laws regulate the dissemination of pornography or should adults have the absolute right to possess ANY type of pornographic material for personal use only?

· If adults held the right to possess any type of pornographic material for personal use, what might be the cost of such a right be?

· Describe the “pornification” of mainstream culture. What is the relationship between technology and pornographic materials?

Reply 1 destiny ( 60 words)

(Crooks, 2021) Porn refers to any written, visual, or spoken material depicting sexual or genital  activity that is intended to be sexually arousing. Erotica is a type of sexually explicit material that can be soft or hard core but it is a distinct kind of pornography. Erotica consists of displaying of sexual activity with mutuality, respect, affection, and balance, where porn can be as simple as explicit content. The access and privacy to electronics has extended the access to pornography to people. As electronics have grown from new TVs, phones, tablets, etc. so has social media and the availability to access porn at any time and any place. The U.S. constitution first amendment allows freedom of speech and press. In 1957 the supreme court declared this amendment didn’t apply to pornography materials. This ruling has yet to be established, as many people oppose the limits to freedom of speech. Still in todays society pornographic material being so easily accessible plays a huge controversial role. If adults held the right to access pornagraphic material for personal use the cost would include a promotion of pornography and obscenity, and growth of the industry consequently in exploitation and intimidation. The mainstreaming of pornography in the U.S. has been described as “raunch culture”. Media has taken over an addition to adding porn into entertainment such as shows about porn stars, music videos featuring sexual activities, etc. Pornography has many different types of sexually explicit material, some individuals reaction vary across the range of categories. Porn can be harmful in many ways between couples and the recent easy access availability children have to these websites. I believe in order to set laws regarding porn to the adult population and the rights of privacy we should study all the pros and cons of porn on individuals mental and physical health.

Reply 2 Cassandra (60 words)

Pornography is any written, visual, or spoken material depicting sexual activity or genital exposure that is intended to be sexually arousing. There are a lot of variety in pornography to have a contemporary definition for it. Erotica is more passionate and mutually respectful. I do think there should be laws to regulate child pornography and make it harder to obtain it however I think adults should have no limits on adult pornography. I think if adults had rights to any pornography, they wanted for personal use there could be an increase in child pornography and child abductions. This could also lead people to act on these urges and cause violence towards children along with rape and or grooming. Technology has made it easier and faster to get pornographic materials. Technology has made this material easy to find for anyone to watch or look at and it has also made its way onto social media platforms. Because this material is so easy to find, it is becoming more normalized.

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