Ias This assignment looks at 1. ways you prefer to learn 2. how to adapt your behavior to accomplish tasks and 3. how to use this knowledge to lessen con

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This assignment looks at

1.  ways you prefer to learn

2. how to adapt your behavior to accomplish tasks and

3. how to use this knowledge to lessen conflict


· Demonstrate knowledge of how to approach tasks given your learning patterns.


1. Go to 
 (Links to an external site.)

https://letmelearn.thinkific.com/bundles/arizona-state-university (Links to an external site.)

a. Click on “Enroll Free”
b. Subscribe to thinkific.
c. Fill in your name, email, password, and select “I have read and agree…”
d. Click on the “sign up” link.
e. Start with “ASU College Student Course 1”. The directions for subscribing and using the PLC are in that course. (Links to an external site.)

2.  Take the LCI. The institutional code is in the thinkific course. 🙂 

3. Go to Profile on the Personal Learning Coach site (where you’ll be for the LCI). Read your general profile  NOTE: The terms AVOID and USE FIRST aren’t commands; they’re what you typically do with that pattern.

4. a. Customize your profile. b. Take screen shots of each pattern and paste into doc or assignment text box.

5. Hit the arrow at the bottom of the screen to go to Tasks. Look at some samples and then create a new task, which can  be a school assignment or personal one. Take screen shots of Task + recommended actions for each pattern. Paste onto document or into assignment box.

7. Write one to two paragraphs about a conflict with someone who has a different LET ME LEARN pattern than you. Identify the patterns.

Ex: Maybe you are organized (HIGH SEQUENCE) while your sister is not, and you fight over the messy bathroom you share.  Use the LET ME LEARN terms of Sequence, Precision, Technical, and Confluence to describe the conflict.

How might you work out that conflict next time using awareness of the LET ME LEARN patterns? 

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