IT Implementation And How To Overcome Barriers See Attachment for Details IT Implementation and How to Overcome Barriers. (Due 15 Dec) (5 Pages) (5 Referen

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IT Implementation And How To Overcome Barriers See Attachment for Details IT Implementation and How to Overcome Barriers. (Due 15 Dec) (5 Pages) (5 References)


1) APA 7th Ed format (to include introduction and conclusion)

2) Due 15 Dec

3) 5 Page minimum (not including title page and APA references)

4) Minimum of 5 References

5) Plagiarism-Free

Background/Required Reading/REQUIRED References:

You are an military senior IT manager at headquarters. You are required by senior leadership to initiate a new organization-wide IT upgrade project (detailed in attached “Background Paper”). You agree with this decision, its purposes, and the technology involved. You see this assignment as finally getting your long-sought mandate for improvement that will substantially leverage organizational performance.

However, significant IT changes have not always been welcomed within your organization. Your most recent attempt, which had much less profound change, developed some significant resistance. This time you have decided that you and your unit must do considerable preliminary work to pave the way, gain support for, as well as reduce resistance to, this new and vital effort.

You could plow forward using executive mandate however, you understand that IT change has its best chance for success when it considers the system and is a carefully developed, initiated, and managed process.


Read the “Background Paper”

Write a 5-page paper, to include introduction, body, conclusion, addressing the following scenario in your paper:

At a minimum, address these important descriptive and analytic questions, providing enough information to assure clarity:

· Describe the organization from the perspective of its current IT operating technology infrastructure, or the IT technology it provides to its internal or external members (Described in Pages 1-3 of the attached “Background Paper”.

· Discuss its technology deployment, effectiveness, and contribution to organizational or customer success.

· Discuss dominant IT strategies and tactics for IT changes in an unwelcomed organization.

· Discuss technological barriers to, as well as circumstances that may foster continued IT success and organizational contribution.

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