Leadership Reading and resource Textbook Readings · Northouse, P.G. (2016). Leadership (7th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage. · Leadership Ethics (Ch. 13)

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Reading and resource

Textbook Readings

· Northouse, P.G. (2016). Leadership (7th ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage.

· Leadership Ethics (Ch. 13)

· Team Leadership (Ch. 14)

· Gender and Leadership (Ch. 15)

· Culture and Leadership (Ch. 16)

· The Harvard Business Review manager’s handbook: The 17 skills leaders need to stand out. (2017)Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press.

· Chapter 12

· Based on the reading in Northouse, recommended readings, and material from class sessions describe your point-of-view about good or effective leadership? Discuss and describe the 7-8 (or more) competencies, skills, and/or attributes that you believe good leaders need to have or demonstrate, referencing the relevant leadership models that support your point of view.

· This should be an integrated paper (not a book report). Do not simply select or summarize leadership models or theories (e.g., in Northouse) that you see in the text and supporting materials. Rather, describe the elements of leadership that you believe (have a passion about) are most important and that you find in or across several leadership theories and why you do so. Do so by drawing on and synthesizing information from the readings, class sessions, and your own experience.

· You are not limited to the models in Northouse – you may include leadership models not included in the text, or that were not discussed in class. However, in the paper, you must demonstrate your ability to think critically about and integrate elements from various leadership models. For example, if you think “motivating employees” is a key skill good leaders must have, you should discuss which leadership models give attention to this, and how they are similar and different, etc.


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