Literature Review Funnel/Organizer Topic: Heart disease among older adults While the literature review funnel is not necessarily a part of the actual di

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Literature Review Funnel/Organizer Topic: Heart disease among older adults
While the literature review funnel is not necessarily a part of the actual dissertation, the purpose here is to think about the most logical way to organize your future lengthy chapter 2.

View the rubric and examples to make sure you understand the expectations of this assignment.

Literature Review Examples.pdf
Rubric for Literature Review Funnel.docx

View this 3 Ways to Structure Your Literature Video to review organizational methods.
Research your topic to find the logical starting point to your topic. Then, write your literature review funnel. Literature Review Funnel

Research Question: Is there a significant difference between the level of Response to Intervention

and the achievement level of middle school mathematics students on the Tennessee

Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) test in a semi-rural school system in northeast


1. Introduction

2. Shift in Accountability for Education

a. A Nation at Risk

b. No Child Left Behind

c. Race to the Top

d. Tennessee’s First to the Top

3. Theoretical Framework

a. Mastery Learning

b. Individualized Instruction

4. Methods for Testing Accountability

a. Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program

b. Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System

5. Response to Intervention

a. History

b. Diagnostic Screeners (STAR testing)

c. Application of intervention

d. Increasing Achievement Gap

6. Summary

Dr. Jaocb Bryant
Meets Expectations – LOW

Branham’s Research Funnel- Week 6

Research Question:
What are the correlations between effective leadership and student achievement?

● Overview of Leadership & Role of Leader (definitions/expectations over the past 100 years)
○ 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 brings education to the

○ 1980’s “A Nation at Risk” (Regan) – Additional Accountability
○ 2002+ “The No Child Left Behind Act – Assessment & Accountability
○ 2010+ “Race to the Top” (Obama) – College/Career Readiness & Accountability

Narrow Categories​: Modern days

● How did these directives from the federal government change education in Virginia?
● What was their impact on VA leaders? Students?
● Did these change how principals led? Supported instruction? Supported teachers? Supported


Specific Categories:​ Recent Days

● 1980+ – High stakes testing – Virginia Standards of Learning (rigor of tests increased in 1995;
testing began in 1998)

● 2002+ – Equitable access for students – change in accountability for school leaders and
teachers (NCLB)

● 2006+ – Board of Education (Gov Kaine)- Included graduation as an accountability factor for
school accreditation

● 2009+ – Board shifts to college/career-ready Math, Science, Social Studies SOLs (response to
“Race to the Top”)

Most Specific and Similar Studies:
Effects of leadership on student achievement

● What are the ​causes​ of effective leadership in general?
● What are the ​causes​ of student achievement? How does leadership affect student


Dr. Jaocb Bryant
Meets Expectations – High

Dr. Jaocb Bryant

Research Funnel

Research Question:

What causes a data breach and how financial organizations can protect themselves from a breach

Background or Distantly Related Work: Early Ages

● 1991 – Privacy in the information economy: A fortress or frontier for individual rights

● 1998 – Warming up to Credit Freeze Laws: The Case of Utah

● 1999 – The death of privacy

● 2003 – Personal Finance

● 2003 – Privacy Protection for Customer Financial Information

Narrow Categories that are closer to the work you are doing: Modern days

● Data breaches and identity theft: When is mandatory disclosure optimal?

● The data game: Learning to love the state-based approach to data breach notification law

● Secure my data or pay the price: Consumer remedy for the negligent enablement of data breach

● Market price effects of data security breaches

Specific Categories: Recent Days

● The target and other financial data breaches: Frequently asked questions

● The impact of repeated data breach events on organizations’ market value

● Data breach trends in the United States

● Corporate Directors’ and Officers’ Cybersecurity Standard of Care: The Yahoo Data Breach

● Market level consequences of information breach and effectiveness of crisis recoveries

Most Specific and Similar Studies:

● Market level consequences of information breach and effectiveness of crisis recoveries

● Improving smartphone permission access disclosures

Dr. Jaocb Bryant
Exceeds Expectations

Literature Review Funnel

Broad Territory- Why the need for grading practices?

Sub Territory- What is SBG?

Build a Niche- Benefits and Draw backs of SBG

Occupy the Niche- Why the need for the change?

Non-academic factors

Puzzle- Traditional Grading

How to effective implement SBG?

What tools and resources are needed for SBG?

Proficiency scales, 4DX goal setting, common assessments,

Research Question- How has the change from traditional grading methods to standards based

grading affected Middle School students?

Possible Reference sources:

Carberry, A.R., Siniawski M.T, and Dionisio J. D. N., (2012).”Standards-based grading:

Preliminary studies to quantify changes in affective and cognitive student behaviors,”

2012 Frontiers in Education Conference Proceedings, Seattle, WA, pp. 1-5

Eccles, J.S. 2005.”Subjective task value and the Eccles et al. model of achievement-related

Choices.” In Elliot and Dweck (eds.). The Handbook of Competence and Motivation.

New York, NY: Guilford Press, pp. 105-121

Townsley, M. (2019). Considering Standards-Based Grading: Challenges for Secondary School

Leaders. Journal of School Administration Research and Development, 4(1), 35–38.

Wormeli, R. (2011). Redos and retakes done right. Educational Leadership, 69(3), 22-26.

Dr. Jaocb Bryant
Approaches Expectations – High

Dr. Jaocb Bryant
Good reference list but lack of detail in actual funnel

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