Management 338 (Chipotle ) Case The assignment is attached below.  Reediting. You are a business analyst in a

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Management 338 (Chipotle ) Case
The assignment is attached below. 

You are a business analyst in a publicly-traded company. Your team is working with stakeholders regarding options for expansion. The company must decide at least two possible countries for expansion based on specific criteria. Your job is to present a report to identify the following:

Identify the countries where this company is currently operating
Identify and then analyze at least two possible emerging countries for expansion based on specific criteria, such as:

Formal and informal institutions in those countries
International trade and trade barriers
Whether FDI is attractive or unattractive
Foreign exchange opportunities/issues
Whether regional integration is present and how this may impact expansion
Possible modes of entry with recommendations
Discuss marketing/HR items of note to successfully operate in the new country

The projects should contain a minimum of 1,500 words, excluding cover page/references section, and should follow the most current edition of APA formatting.
Instructors determine the due date for this project. In the alternative, this assignment may be given as a group project as determined by the instructor. Individual project is worth 250 points. Submit your individual project to the Dropbox. CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC 2

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

Student’s name

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is an American chain of fast as a casual restaurant in the US, the UK in Canada, Germany as well as France. Mainly the company specializes in tacos and mission burritos that are made to order Infront of the customer. The name of the company has been derived from a dried chill pepper. The company has been trading in New York through their stock exchange which is the ticker symbol of the CMG. The country mainly operates in the US, where most of its branches have been located. It mainly operates as a single segment. It has divided its operations across 8 regions, and that is how it has been operating in the US.


One of the countries that I would recommend the company to expand its operations is in Japan. Japan is one of the most industrialized countries, and hence many advantages can result from trading in the country (Trencher, Taeihagh, & Yarime, 2020). Although the country has a better trade environment, the country does have some non-tariff barriers that would impact the commercial activities of the company. In some of the times, there could be many delays in the importations of foreign products taking them to Japan. However, most of the US companies could encounter non-tariff barriers in some of the areas, such as standards that are unique to Japan.
The company is from the US it can benefit the cross stockholding and the interconnection of business interests. The company would also benefit from the licensing powers in the hands of the industrial associations that have limited membership. It also has a strong market influence and an ability to control information and operate without oversight.
Foreign direct investment into Japan that begun increasing during the second half of the 1990s has gained, and it has highly improved. There has been a lot of rising prominence of the inflows of the foreign direct investment into Japan that has traditionally been one of the tops in both the regional as well as outward global investors and hence this is a significant element of the several overall changes that have been taking place in the international capital flows. Through the increase of foreign direct investment, international flows have led to some of the substantial policy changes, which have led to the harmonization efforts that are across the globe at the national, regional as well as multilateral levels. Thus, the country has been benefiting from the flow of these trends. Thus, the inflows are very high; hence situating the company in Japan will be of high benefit.
Japan’s business with other countries is a disadvantage since their overseas manufacturing has affected the exchange rates (Taher, Matsuzaki, & Tsuji, 2020). Hence, the value of Yen is affected. This is what has highly affected the Japanese economy.
Japan has ventured much into the regional trades. It has fostered its economic integration with the East and also Southeast Asia and they also have gone wider to the pacific region. This trade brings back home a lot of foreign exchanges that improve their economy. This is an advantage to the company since as the economy more. Increasing the GDP will also help in boosting the market of the company.


Trade barriers that are found in India mainly include tariffs and also the non-tariff that the US faces whenever they are exporting to India.
As India is one of the developing countries, their FDI has to be promoted. Hence, it should also be kept under control so that it can affect the economy in the country (Murshed, Chadni, & Ferdaus, 2020). Although not as much as good as Japan, it is also good, and hence doing trade in the company will benefit much. The government is trying as much order to increase FDI in the economy. There is a good population, and hence there is a wide market for the company. Japan has a better FDI than India, and hence it is expected that business in Japan will do much better.
There are many foreign exchange opportunities since January this year, the country received the highest ever, and this means that the country is hence doing well in the world market (Khuntia, & Pattanayak, 2020). This will be an added advantage to the company since an increase in the foreign exchange means that the company is doing well in the world market, and this is an advantage to the company.
The country lies in the south of Asia, and hence it is one of the least countries in the matters of integration. India is one of the countries that has no much regional trade. Hence, because of this reason, the company might not benefit much from the regional trade that improves the market of the company. It is, however, favorable to take markets to India since they also have some regional blocks, although not as much as Japan.

Recommendation on modes of entry

I would recommend the use of a greenfield venture into japan. The company is expected to venture and gain new local markets by gaining knowledge of the market. This will help the company to earn more since by learning the society, they will employ the Japanese. However, the insiders who employ the locals will have maximum control of the company.
I would recommend that in India acquisition be used. Through this, the company is going to benefit more other than risking and starting alone. They will be able to access a wider customer base, and this will help them to increase their market share.


Khuntia, S., & Pattanayak, J. K. (2020). Evolving efficiency of exchange rate movement: An evidence from Indian foreign exchange market. Global Business Review, 21(4), 956-969.
Murshed, M., Chadni, M. H., & Ferdaus, J. (2020). Does ICT trade facilitate renewable energy transition and environmental sustainability? Evidence from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives. Energy, Ecology and Environment, 5(6), 470-495.
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Trencher, G., Taeihagh, A., & Yarime, M. (2020). Overcoming barriers to developing and diffusing fuel-cell vehicles: Governance strategies and experiences in Japan. Energy Policy, 142, 111533.

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