Module 8: Project 2 1 Financial Reporting and Analysis Group Project ACCT6351 Fall 2021 *** Warning: The financial ratios presented in the sampl

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Module 8: Project 2 1

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Group Project

ACCT6351 Fall 2021

*** Warning: The financial ratios presented in the sample projects are
different from what required in the current projects. Therefore, you
CANNOT directly follow the samples. Some modification is needed.

The specific purposes of the projects are:

1. Apply to actual companies the knowledge and analytical techniques learned from our course.

2. Perform vertical and horizontal analysis and various ratios on the financial statements.

3. Compare the calculated results with competitor and across different years.

4. Summarize the analyses and make investment recommendations.

You will be analyzing the following firms:

a. Chevron
b. Exxon Mobile

Please check the blackboard for the financial statements.



The required tasks are detailed below:

(1) Prepare vertical common-size income statements and balance sheets for both companies.
Note: Use “Total Sales” and “Total Assets” as the denominators for income statement
and balance sheet, respectively. Compute for 2019, 2018, and 2017.

(2) Prepare horizontal analysis on income statements and balance sheets for both companies
for 2019 and 2018.

(3) Prepare ratio analyses (for 2019, 2018, and 2017) for both companies. You should
include the following ratios in your computations:

• Profitability ratios
o Gross Profit margin
o Profit margin
o Return on assets
o Return on equity

• Productivity
o Inventory Turnover
o Accounts Receivable Turnover
o PPE Turnover
o Asset Turnover

• Solvency
o Debt-to-equity
o Times interest earned
o Return on Financial leverage

• Liquidity
o Current Ratio
o Quick Ratio
o Operating cash flow to current liabilities
o Working capital

(3) Comment on the analytical results of the two companies based on your work in excel.

In addition to contrasting the ratios between the companies, you should interpret the
numbers and make suggestions as to why the ratio of one company might be higher/lower
than the other.

Note: General discussions of the ratios are given in our textbook, which will help you
structure your comments.


(4) Write a conclusive summary on the firms you have studied. Based upon your conclusions,
recommend the better performing firm for potential investment. Your conclusions should
be based upon, and specifically reference, the analyses prepared in this report.

Report Format Requirements:

A. Report body requirements:

1. Cover page. List the title of the project, your name, and semester/year.

2. Main body. Use the following sequence for report content:

a. Introduction to the two companies and to the purpose of the report
b. Analytical section. This should include all your numerical analyses. This is where

you will discuss the results of, comments on, and conclusions about, the Common
Size, horizontal, and the ratio analyses for both companies. When writing this
section, please explain each analysis (purpose/importance), and then discuss the

c. Comparisons of companies and all other analysis (observations and/or
interpretations). (You may combine b and c if you wish, as long as both are well

d. Conclusions and recommendation for investment.

3. References. List all major reference sources.

4. Appendices. Include tables and graphs of your numerical analyses. For reference

convenience, assign a title to each separate item, such as Table 1, Exhibit 1, etc.

B. Typesetting requirements:

1. Use size 12 font. Times New Roman is preferred.
2. Double space between lines.
3. Number pages.
4. One inch on all sides.

C. Miscellaneous

The total report should be maximum 20 pages.


• Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a grade of “F” to
the course and may be subject to appropriate disciplines.

• A portion of your grade will be assessed based on the overall report quality, clarity,

format, and cohesiveness.


• A FREE RIDER in the group will not be tolerated. However, to report an alleged free
rider, you should send me a formal written complaint. You should carefully manage your
group over the semester to ensure that no teammate will take the chance of turning into a
free rider. Try to contact/manage your teammates frequently and inform me if any
member is not willing to participate the group work so we can address this issue ASAP.
A free rider will receive his/her group project grades solely based on what he/she has
contributed to the projects. If there is a free-rider in your group or a member drops the
class, the rest of the group members are still expected to submit a COMPLETE paper.

Financial Reporting and Analysis
Group Project
ACCT6351 Fall 2021

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