NEED IN 7 HOURS Or LESS (NO EXCEPTION) A SAMPLE LESSON PLAN IS ATTACHED TO FOLLOW.  In this assignment, you will choose an academic subject on which you w


In this assignment, you will choose an academic subject on which you w

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In this assignment, you will choose an academic subject on which you will begin building your lesson plan for any grade Level Kindergarten – 3rd Grades. There are several open source textbooks that you may utilize to build your lesson plan. Using your favorite search engine, search for “K-12 open source textbooks.” 

a) Please list the following information: 

b) academic subject, 

c) unit name, 

d) summary of the unit’s content, 

e) unit objectives, 

f) description (in the Materials and Resources section) of the forms of technology that you are considering using in your unit lesson plan and how the technology will improve learners’ success, and description (in the Assignments and Activities section) of learning activities and assignments that you would like to use in your unit that will address your learners’ unique learning styles and intelligences and help them achieve the unit objectives. 

Remember to use some form of technology as you generate your unit lesson plan. This assignment will give you the opportunity to consider various forms of technology and weigh their pros and cons. Your document should be at least one page in length. Proper APA formatting is not required for this assignment. Academic Subject – English Language Art

Unit Name – The Many People of Charlotte’s Web

Summary of the Unit’s Content

Students will work together in groups to discuss the different character traits their character

displays. After developing many traits, students will collaborate to create a PowerPoint of at least

4 slides with sentences that describe the character displaying these traits throughout the book.

After completing the PowerPoint presentations, students will head back to their groups and

create a timeline of their character’s events throughout the story.

Unit Objectives

Students will describe a character from the book, Charlotte’s Web, by developing a character

traits list with a PowerPoint. While the students are presenting the character trait PowerPoint, the

students will also be dressed as the characters. Students will also create a timeline of events of

their character by creating a booklet with their group.


1. Review with students the meaning of what a character is and describe what is a character trait.

2. Review parts of the book, Charlotte’s Web, by calling on several people to review what has

happened in the last chapter.

3. Today, we are going to discuss some of the main characters of the story. Call on several

students to discuss the main characters. (Charlotte, Wilbur, Fern, Templeton, Henry, Uncle,

Some of the other Animals.)

4. List the main characters on the board. Students should be in their groups taking notes.

5. Call on students to describe one character trait for each character. “What is a character trait of

Wilbur?” Students may answer that he is fearful or lonely.

6. After describing one character trait for each character, assign a character to each group.

7. The group will then brainstorm character traits by using a graphic organizer.

8. Once students are finished brainstorming, they will proceed to the computers.

9. Students must complete a PowerPoint with at least 4 slides of character traits for each

character. Include in the slides a sentence from the book that describes the character trait of the


10. After completing the PowerPoint, the group will present the PowerPoint to the class.

11. Once everyone has presented to the class, allow students to head back to their seats and

watch a short video on sequence of events:

12. Review with the class what is an event. Also, review with the class some different types of

things that have sequences.

13. Students will work with their group to create a timeline booklet of their characters sequence

of events throughout the story. Inside the booklet, students must include 6 main events. Each

page must include a 2-3 sentence of the main event plus a picture.

14. Display and discuss an example of a timeline on the board for students to see.

15. In closure, review with students what a is a character. Head back to the list on the board and

add more character traits to the character’s names.

16. Review 2-3 characters timelines with the class. Discuss with the students, “Did this event

happen before this major event?” -yes, no?

Technology Resources Needed:

Interactive whiteboard, PowerPoint with character traits list displayed, computer, Powerpoint


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