Novel PS312: Psychology of Adolescence PS312 Novel/Film Research Paper Due Wed, Dec. 8, 2021 by 11:59pm  75 Points  Assignment Guidelines  For th

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Novel PS312: Psychology of Adolescence

PS312 Novel/Film Research Paper

Due Wed, Dec. 8, 2021 by 11:59pm

 75 Points

 Assignment Guidelines

 For this assignment, you will read a novel, or watch a film, that depicts the “coming-of-age” story of one or more adolescent characters. You will then use the theories and concepts learned in this course, as well as 3 peer-reviewed outside resources, to write a critical analysis of one adolescent character featured in the novel of your choosing. Your paper should be no less than 5 pages and no more than 7 pages double-spaced. 

1. Summarize the novel/film that you have chosen in no more than 1 page highlighting the adolescent character, the challenges s/he faces in the story, as well as the contexts and domains in which development occurs.

Summary is worth 15 points

· Succinct description of character: 5 points
· Description of contexts and domains in which adolescent development occur: 5 points
· Succinct summary of challenges character faces: 5 points

2. Using theories and concepts discussed in the course, and incorporating your 3 outside sources, write an analysis of the adolescent character’s development in context. You should provide a deep, thorough analysis in relation to several domains of development (For example: Is this character struggling with gender or sexual identity? Does the character exhibit secure attachment in creating intimate relationships with others?). A main focus of this section should be the extent to which the novel or film you chose represents adolescence accurately (based on what you know from the research presented in class and in the empirical research you find), versus depicting a more stereotypical / inaccurate view. This section should be about 3-4 pages.

Analysis is worth 40 points

· Discussion of concepts across physical cognitive and social development (reference information from at least one of the first three chapters): 15 points
· Accurate and adequate use of theories/concepts learned in class: 15 points
· Accurate and adequate discussion of 3 peer-reviewed articles: 10 points

3. In your opinion, what is the most important thing that this novel/film tells us about adolescent development? How is this different than what scholarly sources such as journal articles inform our understanding of adolescence? Has it changed your view of adolescence in any way? This section should be about 1 page.

Significance is worth 10 points

· Thoughtful reflection concerning what this book tells us about adolescence: 5 points
· Discussion of what fiction adds or fails to add to scientific knowledge: 3 points
· Description of whether this novel/film has changed your view of adolescence: 2 points


4. Mechanics, Grammar, Style is worth 5 points

5. Accurate and complete APA style citations and works cited page is worth 5 points

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