Nursing Research Article Critique Grading Rubric A research article critique is not merely a review or summary of a study but rather a careful, critical

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Research Article Critique Grading Rubric
A research article critique is not merely a review or summary of a study but rather a careful, critical appraisal of the strengths and limitations of research report. A written critique should serve as a guide to researchers and practitioners while they appraise the evidence to improve nursing practice. The ideal critique should suggest possibilities for improving the design of replication efforts and should thus help to advance a particular area of knowledge. The critique should also help those who are practicing nursing decide if or how the findings from the study can best be incorporated into their practice, if at all.


Aktaş, Y. Y., & Karabulut, N. (2015). The effects of music therapy in endotracheal suctioning of mechanically ventilated patients. Nursing in Critical Care, 21(1), 44-52


Research Problem and Purpose
1. Does the introduction demonstrate the need for the study?
2. Is the problem clearly identified?
3. Is the purpose of the study clearly stated?
4. Does the study have the potential to help solve a current clinical

Literature Review
1. Is the review of literature relevant to the problem?
2. Is the literature review adequate in terms of range, scope of ideas, and
points of view relevant to the problem identified?
3. Is the review of literature well organized and synthesized?

1. What research design was used?
2. Is the design appropriate for the study’s purpose?
3. Was the protection of human subject considered?
4. What key variables are examined?
5. Are the details of data collection clearly and logically presented?
6. Are the instruments described sufficiently in terms of content, structure,
validity, and reliability?
7. Is the population and the method of selecting the sample adequately
8. Is the selection of the sample appropriate?
9. Is the sample size sufficient?
10. What are the limits to generalizability in terms of external validity?

1. Is the presentation of data clear?
2. Are the characteristics of the sample described in result section?
3. Was the best method(s) of analysis selected?
4. Are the tables, charts, and graphs pertinent?
5. Are the significant and non-significant findings explained?
1. Is the evidence sufficient to draw conclusions?
2. Are the results interpreted in the context of the problem/purpose,
hypothesis, and theoretical framework/literature reviewed?
3. Are the conclusions and generalizations clearly stated?
4. Are the limitation of the findings clearly delineated?
5. Does the study contribute to nursing knowledge?
6. Can the study be replicated by other researchers?

Formal Paper/Style
1. APA format correctly utilized overall, including title page, references in
text, and reference page.
2. Proper spelling and grammar utilized overall.
3. Required number of references are utilized.

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