Nursing3 N317 Interview Paper Grading Rubric Content Points Earned Clearly introduce paper, its purpose, and the planned organization of conte

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N317 Interview Paper Grading Rubric


Points Earned

Clearly introduce paper, its purpose, and the planned organization of content.


Condense interview information to present an overall profile of the community dwelling older adult.

· See the interview guide for suggested questions to address during the interview.


Reflect on your interview and address the following questions:

· What were your concerns prior to the interview?

· With what areas of the interview were you the most and the least comfortable?

· What would you differently in a second interview?


Apply the nursing process:

· Based on the interview data that you collected, identify 2 nursing diagnosis for your interviewee.

· Identify at least 4 (2 for each nursing diagnosis) evidenced-based interventions (include appropriate citation) that you could teach your interviewee based on the identified nursing diagnosis. Cite diagnoses and interventions. Place in table format versus narrative format.

Nursing Diagnoses

Nursing Interventions

1. 1.



2. 2.




Discuss the extent to which the interview will influence your nursing practice with older adults. Describe specific practices you will utilize in caring for older adults. Provide rationales and citations based on textbook readings.


Provide an overview paragraph of what you achieved and learned by completing this assignment.


Organization, grammar, and APA style.



a. Five points will be deducted for each page exceeding the page limit (excludes title and reference page).

b. Papers submitted after the due date and time will be subject to point deductions as outlined in the late policy guideline per the course syllabus.



N317: Fundamentals of Nursing in the Context of the Older Adult

Assignment: Interview Paper Guidelines

Purpose of Assignment: The Interview Paper provides the learner with opportunities to:

· Interview an older adult to examine their life and daily activities.

· Apply theories of communication and interpersonal relationships.

· Reflect on the interview and its effect on your future nursing practice.

· Use the nursing process to identify nursing diagnosis and interventions.

Outcomes: The learner will:

· Write a formal paper addressing the elements/topics listed above.

· Evidence skills in communication and writing in a critical, reflective manner.

· Submit a paper that conforms to the specified guidelines and requirements.

Guidelines: To prepare for the Interview paper assignment, the learner will:

· Identify an older adult (70 years of age or older) and conduct a face – to – face interview (Video conference/virtual platform during the COVID-19 pandemic). State age range in paper.

· Grant permission from the older adult to record (audio recommended) interview information.

· Maintain HIPPA requirements and do not use interviewee initials (Do not record identifiers manually or via audio).

· Destroy all notes and audio recordings upon completion of the assignment.

· Understand that the “N317 Interview Paper Rubric” will be used to evaluate/grade the paper.

· Utilize correct APA format/style and correct grammar/syntax/spelling in writing paper.

· Ensure the paper is at least 4 pages and no more than 6 pages in length (double-spaced); this count excludes cover and reference pages.

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