Observation JM 5-Day Observation log 3 Keeping an Observation Logbook Indiana tech Keeping an Observation Logbook My topic is ecology, Ecolo

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  5-Day Observation log  


Keeping an Observation Logbook

Indiana tech

Keeping an Observation Logbook

My topic is ecology, Ecology is the scientific study of the relationship that exists between a living organism and its environment. The topic seeks to understand the connection of plants and animals to their environment. Ecology also explains the ecosystem and how the resources of the earth can be used effectively to make the environment fit and healthy for future generations.

The study will be about the ecosystem of bees. (Baum, 2003). 

Day 1: February 28, 2022

In the evening I observed a beehive at the treetop. I learned that the beehive was not old and it was as if the bees had just recently migrated.

Day 2: March 1, 2022

I observed that the bees are very defensive and secretive animals-Tey were ready to attack any intruder. When the beehive is intruded, the attack hormone is released.

Day 3: March 2, 2022

I observed that there was a difference between the queen bee and the other bees. The queen bee was larger than the normal bees

Day 4: March 3, 2022

Another behavior that I observed that bees live in groups and they have different roles.

Day 5: March 4,2022

I observed that the bees don’t move far away from the beehive.


From the project, I got to learn more about the honey bees and their ecosystem. I have learned about the anatomy of the honey bee. I observed that the bees were very organized. The organization brought about re smooth operations. I learned that bees communicate through smell. The small creatures have an incredible sense of smell. I learned that unlike other species of bees, the honeybees do not hibernate during the cold season. The quality of the bee colony is determined by the chemical production and the egg-laying of the queen bee. The queen is distinguished from other bees by the size of the body. The queen has a long and large body. The bees are very protective of their family and especially the queen bee during the laying season.


Bees are usually social insects that live together in groups. Every colony has one queen ad there are thousands of drone bees. The drone bees are usually available in summer or late spring. The social structure of the bees is maintained by the queen and its workers. The claims that can be made regarding the project of study ids that the honey bees are social insects but can be very dangerous to the environment when intruded. The queen is responsible for laying eggs and also establishing a colony. The social structure of the bees is maintained by the queen and its workers. The communication in the colony is dependent on the chemical pheromone. ( Keller, & Golley, 2000). 


The evidence that could be used from the observation is that there is only one queen in one colony which is large than the rest of the bees tend other are the workers who have the responsibility to defend the colony. The workers tend to the queen and perform other tasks that help preserve the colony. The bees stay together, this is because of the chemical pheromone that acts as a social glue and that keeps the entire colony together and in unity. The queen asp produces the “queen substance by mandibular glands. ( Seeley, 2014). 


Baum, K. A. (2003). Feral Africanized honey bee ecology in a coastal prairie landscape.

Keller, D. R., & Golley, F. B. (2000). The philosophy of ecology: From science to synthesis. University of Georgia Press.

Seeley, T. D. (2014). Honeybee Ecology: A study of adaptation in social life. Princeton University Press.

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