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Discussion 1

From the humdrum of the mid-2000s web apps, Apple radically changed the mobile world with the iPhone, offering well-designed apps of their own and curating apps that were accepted into the App Store.  That influence has been far reaching, prompting Google to push their boundaries and develop material design, a design language that has become the distinctive hallmark of Android apps.  When compared to the web world where some popular apps could get away with mediocre design, why do mobile apps face a higher design bar? 

· When compared to the web world where some popular apps could get away with mediocre design, why do mobile apps face a higher design bar?

· Compare and contrast native mobile app design versus standard desktop app design.  Discuss considerations for choosing one over the other.  Elaborate on main advantages vs disadvantages.

To participate in the Discussion, respond to the Discussion prompt by Day 3. Then, read a selection of your colleagues’ postings. Finally, respond to at least two classmates by Day 5 in one or more of the following ways:


· Complete the Week #3 Discussion by the assigned due date.  Late assignments will not be accepted. 

· This is not a graded assignment.

· You must apply and use the basic citation styles of APA.

· Do not claim credit for the words, ideas, and concepts of others.

· Use in-text citation and list the reference of your supporting source following APA’s style and formatting

· Do not copy and paste information or concepts from the Internet and claim that is your work.  It will be considered Plagiarism and you will receive a zero for your work.

· Use this link to access the Discussion Board

· This activity is not graded

Discussion 2

You can get a basic understanding if individuals are being held accountable for adherence to security policies by examining policy violations, incidents, and security awareness. These basic measurements are as follows:

· Number of security violations by employees reported

· Number of incidents that could have been avoided

· Completion and competency rate for security awareness

Answer the following question(s):

1. Are there other ways to measure accountability for adherence to security policies? If yes, provide an example. If not, explain your answer.

Fully address the questions in this discussion; provide valid rationale for your choices, where applicable; and respond to at least two other students’ views.

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