Peer Response 2 1. Respond to your peers’ posts. Based on your peers’ explanation of how they will get to know both their students and their students’ fam

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1. Respond to your peers’ posts. Based on your peers’ explanation of how they will get to know both their students and their students’ families, suggest at least one way they can prepare their classroom or center in a way that shows they are inclusive of family, culture, and individual differences (e.g., family bulletin board, community college, hosting a multicultural night, etc.). Give specific suggestions on how they can implement your suggestion.  


Hello class,

When gathering information on children and finding strategies I  could use several strategies. One thing with gathering information on my students I would be having a parent-teacher conference with the child and the parent getting to know and gathering information from the parent on their child. what’s the home life, what the children likes or dislikes and what triggers the children, and do their children have any special needs that the teacher should know about. There are also home visits where we can conduct them in the home if the families feel comfortable so you can see the child in their home life with the family and see how the children act with different languages being spoken or just a different surrounding than school. The strategies give you the opportunity to gain trust from the child and the parents because there are times when a family may be in a situation they need people they can trust and sometimes it’s a teacher. Children have to feel appreciated and loved to trust anyone, especially an adult, and giving just that love and respect you will gain it.


Reflecting on the strategies for teachers to a developed positive relationships with students.

“They understand that they are the key to unlocking a student’s potential by developing positive, respectful relationships with their students beginning on the first day of the school year”. As a teacher, you have to let your guard down some to gain trust it can be time-consuming and some days challenging. “A trusting classroom with mutual respect is a thriving classroom complete with active engaging learning opportunities”. When being a teacher you have to have the drive to teach and also learn from your students, passion keeps you thriving and reaching for the best. Giving children structure and incorporating the fun into a lesson lets the children learn and build relationships not only with the teacher but also with their peers. Giving them a sense of trust and respect can carry children a long way.

Reflection The principle of Effective Family Engagement.

Family engagement is very important when it comes to children starting the education journey. Teachers and families making and setting goals for the children challenge the children’s abilities at school and at home. “Teachers seek information about children’s lives, families, and communities and integrate this information into their curriculum and the teaching practice. These strategies give the families trust, confidence, and respect because you took the time out to make these things a priority in your teaching and learn not only about children, the family, and the community. Teacher and family engagement is the key to a successful school year.




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