PHI-105- 21st CENTURY SKILLS: Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Kindly help complete the attached assignment questions and responses QUESTIONS & RESPON

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Kindly help complete the attached assignment questions and responses


1. In 200 words- Discuss the physical changes that take place in middle adulthood, and explain how these detriments may be offset.

2. In 200 words- What is your view of middle adulthood now vs. what it was when you were a child (or just younger)?

3. Please respond with at least 3 things you learned from the video lecture below.

(100 words)

Assessment Description

Review the vignettes in the document attached below. Select one vignette and identify at least two examples of fallacies that we have discussed in class. Record the fallacious quotes from the vignette and explain what type of fallacy you believe they are. For follow-up discussion (participation posts this week), decide whether or not you agree or disagree with your classmates and explain why. Your responses should be based on the fallacy only, not the content of the selected vignette.

Based on the above assignment question. I need you to help me respond to each of the following peers’ post in 100 words each

Lauren Sanden (100 words)

Vignette Chosen: 1

First Statement: “Julia proclaimed the product was not useful. I have not had a chance to try it out, but

if Julia believes it is useless, there is no need to give it a try.”

Fallacy: Appeal to Authority

Reason: The author is using the belief that just because this famous actress is saying it has no real use, then it must be useless after all. Appeal to authority is a fallacy that. uses famous people or a person with expertise in the field to be the sole validation to why the statement is true, when in fact it may not be.

Second Statement: “Furthermore, on the day the product was delivered, I was late to work. If the delivery of the product had taken

place while I was at work, I would not have been late.”

Fallacy: Slippery Slope

Reason: I believe the author is using this particular fallacy because they are blaming the package being late on them being late for work. When in fact the company would have little to do with the package’s actual arrival time. they are just blaming an event that happened that took that caused a greater issue. The packages arrival is not proof as to why they might have been late. There is so much that could have happened that the person could have been late from but instead they are directing the problem off of the small event before they left for work.

Leslee Hurtado (100 words)

Vignette Chosen: 3

First Statement: If I do not get a cellphone, no one will be my friend. I will be friendless for the rest of my life!”

Fallacy: Slippery Slope

Rationale: Sally thinks that since she does not have a cellphone, while all of her friends do, that she will not have friends. She claims something extreme without any facts or evidence.  

Second Statement: “All my friends have their own cellphone, so I should too!” 

Fallacy: Bandwagon Appeal

Rationale: When Sally’s mom rejects her proposal for a cellphone, she justifies her asking since all of her friends have a cellphone. The statement is a bandwagon appeal since she thinks because something is popular, that she must have it. 

Sarah Fairbanks (100 words)

The first one I chose was the complaint where the buyer bought something and then wanted a refund before he got a chance to try it out because they see that Julia Roberts tried it and did not like it so it much not be a good product that is called appeal to authority.

The second one I had chosen was the mom saying to not get their children vaccinated because she had gotten her two boys vaccinated and her children ended up with autism, I think this one is the slippery slope fallacy because she is trying to convince others not to do something because something happened to her kids, so it is bound to happen to others

I chose a third one to write on and it was the lady in the interview she says she is the best candidate for the job because she has had the job for three years and she had one person say that she is good so since that one person thought she was good the rest of the team thought so too even though nobody else said anything I think that is the composition fallacy

My last one that I had chosen is the education about a school being in the spot and opened for lots of years and nothing has changed since its doors were open so that is the appeal to tradition.

Shantel Spiker (100 words)

Vignette Chosen: 1

First Statement: “I have not had a chance to try it out, but if Julia believes it is useless, there is no need to give it a try.”

Fallacy: Appeal to Authority

Rationale: The above statement is an appeal to authority fallacy. The writer is trying to say that because Julia Roberts said in an interview that she did not like this product, so the writer is saying it does not work. If Julia says it does not work because she is a famous actress, then the product does not work.

Second Statement: “Furthermore, on the day the product was delivered, I was late to work. If the delivery of the product had taken place while I was at work, I would not have been late.”

Fallacy: Slippery Slope

Rationale: The above statement is a slippery slope fallacy. The writer is trying to say that because of the product he was late for work. He is not taking fault for his own actions and lack of good time management. He is blaming being late for work on the package delivery time’s fault. 

8. I need response for this one in 120 words


My thoughts this week reflect my own experience blessing our son this weekend with Holy Baptism. It was a joyous time with family and we couldn’t be more proud. But it was a journey to get here. I know that my previous prayers have reflected on life admist pandemic because so many aspects of our lives have changed. We can all agree on that I believe. In any case, this weekend was the first time in a few months that my extended family was together for an event. The last time was in November, but I wasn’t there for a family wedding as I was just days away from giving birth. Before that it was August and that was outdoors at a wedding shower. It was a very different feel than today, in a church, in this quiet setting coming after a long holiday/post holiday season of getting through most of winter, a harsh wave of the pandemic, and more. Everyone has had some type of hardship. Today was joyous for us, but it was a day that I thought about it some many aspects – how do we celebrate, who should be there, how should the whole day be safe, do we have a celebration at a restaurant afterwards, do I do party “favors,” etc. There were so many questions, and then my husband and I realized or took the time to THINK – the main point is church. The point is to see everyone and for them to see our child, some of which would be seeing him for the first time ever. We focused on what was most important. We settled with that because of the pandemic since most wouldn’t be comfortable with 40+ person party out. We walked into the church, and everyone had gotten there before us. It was amazing to see them all at once. Immediately my husband says – I wish we were having a celebration after. (Truth is that we did, but just with godparents. So, 8 of us not 50). In any case, I made sure that today felt and was a celebration during ceremony and after. But the point is that we tried to size down or change what we would normally do for a celebration, and accepted that. But as soon as we saw everyone, we felt we could see a “redo” or second gathering to make up for time we lost today (since there was not after celebration) in the near future. We still desire that. We can’t get away from it. But at the same time it was good to just do the church and focus on something little so as to appreciate it even more.

How does this relate to YOU? To an event or something in your life where you have had to change the way you would normally do something? How did you accept and what surprised you about your acceptance?

I left today feeling fulfilled but wanting more. And I think that’s okay. To recognize what small things we can do with those we love but also recognize that in wanting more we just value who they are (and our time with them) that much more.

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