PHI 2 You will write anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs for each question you choose In total, your exam should (at minimum) be around 1300-1500 words In writ

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You will write anywhere from 2-4 paragraphs for each question you choose

In total, your exam should (at minimum) be around 1300-1500 words

In writing your answers, you should keep in mind that you are talking to a fellow student who is not taking our class. So, you will need to give context, explain ideas, and even source/cite material. Like as if you were writing a good (academic) blog post.

You will use all the relevant material from our first unit/module. This means, at times, you will be using multiple sources in your answers. I don’t demand actual citations, but referencing lectures, texts (textbook material and the dialogues), and anything else we have covered will be crucial but look below for further clarification.


General Advice: Write as if you are speaking to another student who is not enrolled in our class. They have interest but do not have the context or the background necessary to understand your answer. So, you should ELABORATE, GIVE EXAMPLES, PUT THINGS IN CONTEXT, and/or everything else that may help you explain your answer to your buddy/mom/etc… Follow the handy checklist below for further clarification.

Questions: (around 350 words per questions)

1. What is an inductive/deductive argument? Name one KIND of each argument then give an example of each.

2. What is The Euthyphro about (what’s the back story, what’s the issue)? Who are the interlocutors? How do they meet?

3. By what means does Socrates attempt to investigate the world? What are his methods? How does these methods reflect a commitment to critical thinking, if at all?

4. How does Descartes try to close the gap between appearance and reality? Is he successful? Why or why not?

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