Pitching Novel Idea In this week’s online exercise, you’ll develop a short pitch for a highly novel but potentially sensational idea. Creative leaders are

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Pitching Novel Idea In this week’s online exercise, you’ll develop a short pitch for a highly novel but potentially sensational idea. Creative leaders are often responsible for securing resources which usually involves pitching ideas to colleagues, supervisors, or potential investors. Learning how to secure resources through persuasive storytelling is an essential creative leadership competency. This online exercise provides the opportunity to practice some of the strategies introduced by McKee and Elsbach, and further developing some key skills associated with the entrepreneurial leadership style introduced earlier in the semester. Making Creative Leadership
Creative Leadership and Problem solving | Online Exercise # 9

This week we transform SLATE into a platform for creativity. We’ve actually been doing this all semester, but this week our intentions will be explicit and deliberate. To do this, we will practice applying the Principles of Platforms developed by David Gauntlett. Do note, that our mini-platform assumes that you are interested and passionate about creative leadership as this is an elective course (everyone already choose to be here).


1. Identify a creative leadership skill that intrigued you or that you think is particularly important to your industry.

2. Design a digital merit badge that expresses the skill and might bring joy to someone’s life.

a. Use 1080 x 1080 pixels (i.e. an Instagram square)

b. Consider using Adobe Spark via your free Creative Cloud subscription.

c. Crafters: do feel free to make hand-made badges, if you do this, simply take a picture and post that to SLATE.

3. Provide a note that contextualizes the design and makes your intentions clear.

4. Give your merit badge to someone (either in our class or elsewhere). Briefly explain why you recognized this person in your post.

a. If using a social media platform to give your merit badge, consider using #creativitybadge so classmates can see where these badges end up.

5. Read your classmates posts, and give one of the merit badges designed by a classmate to someone else (either in our class or elsewhere). Leave a comment briefly explaining who you gave the badge to and why, so your classmate can follow the badge’s journey.


This online exercise is worth 5% of your final grade. Later, you’ll have the opportunity to revise and further reflect upon the exercise via the Portfolio.

For this submission, the online exercise will be evaluated via degree of completion by answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following statements:

1. The post shared merit badge that was 1080 x 1080 pixels.

1. The post included a note that contextualized the design.

1. The post explained who the badge was given to and why.

1. The author gave a merit badge designed by a classmate to someone else, and left a comment noting who they gave it to and why.

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