Please Help With Homework There are 3 separate case studies Must respond by Friday Please answer all questions Only use the pdf which I provided f

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There are 3 separate case studies

Must respond by Friday 

Please answer all questions 

Only use the pdf which I provided for reference!!!!

You answers must related to the textbook lessons. answers are easy to find under each chapter (pdf), just use some of your word and explanations from textbook. Also you must write the page number (where is this topic come from) after your answer.

Please keep the questions and number on the answer and answer the questions one by one separate.

Part one: 1- 1.5pages answer

CH. 16 Discuss the Value of Workforce Diversity Interventions.

1. Examine and evaluate the coaching and mentoring intervention.

2. Describe the process of implementing management and leadership development interventions.

3. Understand how career planning and development interventions improve the individual’s personal competencies and enhance traditional human resource approaches.

CH. 17 Workforce Diversity and Wellness

1. Examine human resources management interventions related to workforce diversity.

2. Understand and evaluate the effectiveness of employee wellness interventions.

CH. 18 Transformational Change

1. Describe the characteristics of transformational change.

2. Explain the organization design intervention for both domestic and worldwide situations.

3. Learn about the integrated strategic change intervention and understand how it represents the revolutionary and systemic characteristics of transformational change.

4. Discuss the process and key success factors associated with culture change.

Part 2: CH16-18:0.5-1page answer for this discuss question Discuss the Value of Workforce Diversity Interventions. Please only use textbook information’s (pdf I provided) for reference.

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