Project Topic is Diet and depression. Before essa-3 pages Essy-5 pages after essy -5 pages Research Paper Overview To-Do Date: Feb 14 at 11:59pm Engli

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Topic is Diet and depression.

Before essa-3 pages

Essy-5 pages

after essy -5 pages

Research Paper

To-Do Date: Feb 14 at 11:59pm

English 102–Research Paper Assignment Overview

This details the assignment, but each part of the assignment (including more
specific instructions) will be available in the module that goes with the week it is


Finding information from high quality sources, showing an understanding of that
information, and then entering into relevant conversations is at the heart of all academic
and professional discourse. A research paper is a document that demonstrates a
writer’s ability to do all of this, and as such, it is a primary assessment in many upper
division courses within most colleges and universities. The skills gained are transferable
to any situation where information may be needed to understand or solve a problem.


This project will allow students to demonstrate that they can:

● Explore what has been written about a particular topic and then write an
essay that enters into a critical conversation

● Utilize information and information technology to become acquainted with and
engage in a current critical conversation

● Effectively communicate relevant research as part of a creative analytical

● Adhere to established documentation and style guidelines (MLA or APA)


You are going to write a research paper for this class. The paper can have nearly any
topic. We have been talking about literature this quarter, so that will be what I will call
the default topic for the research paper. That said, I know many of you may not want to
be literature majors, so you may find writing about an alternate topic to be more

LITERATURE TOPIC: If you choose to write about a piece of literature, you are not
limited to any given topic, but you are limited to writing about works you have read
recently and works you have complete access to (this would include the assigned film).
You may not write about the same piece of literature that you wrote about for the first
essay. Also, no papers on “Story of an Hour” unless the paper is also looking at other
texts as well. You are welcome to write about a few related works–you may, for
example, write a comparative piece if you would like. This typically works best if you find
a few pieces that deal with a similar theme: i.e., comparing the way that the concept of
fate is dealt with in a few works. You do not yet need to know what you are going to say
about the text(s) (your thesis)–your thesis should develop as a result of the work you
will be doing in researching this work or this theme. You do not have to like the piece of
literature you are examining, but you should find it interesting enough to spend some
time on. While your project can focus on an author you find interesting because that
may be as far as you have thought about the paper, the paper itself should ultimately
make an argument that analyzes text(s). The final paper should not be an “author
report.” The appropriate citation style for these papers will be MLA.

ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH TOPIC: If you are doing an alternate research topic, I’d
prefer topics to relate to an area you feel invested in–perhaps an area related to your
college major or perhaps an area related to a topic that affects you personally. I’m
happy to field questions about alternative topics. Papers that focus on the following
topics will likely not be approved (not because these aren’t important topics but
because I’ve only ever read poor papers on these topics): abortion, guns/gun
rights, marriage equality, recreational drugs, assisted suicide, or capital
punishment. Some examples of good alternate topics (not an exhaustive list): If you
want to go into health sciences, you could research links between diet and depression.
If you want to go into the social sciences, you could research therapeutic practices for
phobias. If you want to go into game design, you could research the benefits/downsides
of building an in-house game engine. If you want to go into business, you could
research ways of keeping employees motivated. ETC. The appropriate topic for these
papers will vary. Before settling on a topic, I encourage you to do some initial research
in the library databases to see if the topic feels like it is one that you will be able to
develop in a paper.

STEP 1: Begin to formulate your idea for a research project. You should check out the
GHC library’s Research Guides
(Links to an external site.)
page–select the guide that most closely matches your interest area.
STEP 1b: Research Journal-As you start this project, open a file on your computer and
title it “Research Journal” or keep a paper journal (which will need to be typed later). As
you work on the research project, make entries in this journal that summarize briefly
what you are doing. Keep track of the searches you are doing, questions you are
having, etc. This journal will be included as part of the final research paper document.
The minimum requirements for the research journal will be at least ten entries on at
least ten different days ½ page each–approx. 5 pages total.
STEP 2: Once you have determined your initial research question or area, complete a
letter of intent for me (details for the letter of intent are here)
STEP 3: As you compile the sources you may use on the final paper, complete a
Working Bibliography with Source Evaluations (this differs from the MLA “Works Cited”
page or the APA “References” on the final draft of the essay in that the “Works Cited” or
“References” page gives citations for just the works you actually use and cite while the
“Working Bibliography” shows all the sources you consider using:

Put together a list of sources that may be helpful to you in constructing this paper. After
each of the sources, write a couple of sentences that explains why this source was or
was not helpful. All sources should include a citation in MLA style.


STEP 4: Prepare a Rough Draft of your final paper and post that to the Final Paper
Rough Draft and Peer Review Discussion

STEP 5: Complete a peer review process

STEP 6: Submit the final draft of the research paper

COMPONENTS OF THE RESEARCH PAPER ITSELF (the final paper is 14+ pages
in length)

(Before Essay-3 pages)————————————————————

● Letter of Transmittal–NOT the same as the letter of intent
● Cover Page (Includes Title of paper, Your name, Class information, and Date)
● Abstract (Titled “Abstract”)

(Essay-5-7+ pages)——————————————————————

● 5-7 pages of text–The essay itself should be a full 5-7+ pages

(After Essay-6+ pages)————————————————————–

● Works Cited–Including a minimum of 2 sources in addition to the primary text
(these are the citations for the sources you actually use)–the working
bibliography is not included here (see below for that assignment which
contains the sources you look at whether you use the sources or not)

● Research Journal (at least ten entries on at least ten different days ½ page
each–approx. 5 pages total)


○ Bound (One Document File) all parts of the assignment should be
submitted in one document (if you make each part separately, you
will need to copy and paste the parts into one file before you

○ Standard MLA formatting including page numbering (You may
alternatively make use of APA formatting if that is the more useful
style for you to become familiar with in your field of study)

○ Standard Font, Double-Spaced, 1″ Margins (MS Word defaults to
1.25″ margins which is fine)

○ MsWord *.doc or *.docx file format (Use “save as” or “download as”
and “file type” to save as an MsWord file using Open Office or

When you submit the final paper to me, there are three pages that come before
the actual essay itself:

The Letter of Transmittal (This is included with the final paper–don’t confuse with
the letter of intent-described above)-Before Cover Page:

The very first thing I read is the last thing you will be writing. A letter of transmittal is not
always included in a research paper, or it is a separate document. For example, if I were
to send a research paper to a journal for publication, I would send the paper as a
document file, but I would introduce and explain the attached file in an e-mail to the
publisher. A letter of transmittal is a letter that tells the reader the kinds of things you
might say if you were handing the writing over to your reader in person. As this is an
assignment for a class, the content could center on the learning you think has occurred

as a result of the project. You might describe the aspects of the assignment you found
easiest and/or most challenging. You might explain your concerns about a certain
aspect of the paper, etc.

Cover Page-Before Abstract:

This is really the cover for your research paper. It needs to contain the title for your
research paper, your name, the course name, instructor name, and the date. The cover
page is the one place I will allow you to play with fonts/pictures/etc. although fancy
cover pages do not affect the grade of the paper (every term someone feels his or her
creativity has been stifled if I don’t allow some space for artistic expression).

Abstract-Before Essay:

This essay is actually fairly short for a major essay, but I want you to practice the
concept of writing an abstract. As you are aware by now (after reading many abstracts
for the articles you are researching) an abstract is a brief summary of your work. The
abstract for this paper should be no longer than a page, and could be as short as 1/3 to
1/2 page. It should give your reader enough of a taste of where you are ultimately going
with your paper that your reader could understand the important bits before reading the

These three pages are followed by your research paper itself which is then
followed by two additional sections:

Works Cited or References page-After Essay

After the essay itself, insert a page break and then include a “Works Cited” page (if
using MLA format) or a “References” page (if using APA format). This page should
include the complete end-of-text citations for any sources you actually used within the

Research Journal-After Works Cited

This is not normally a part of submitted research papers, but for this assignment, I want
you to keep track of your work as you do it. The research journal should just be a diary
description of the work you do each day leading up to the submission of this paper. A
typical entry might describe the research you were doing, the goals you had for the day,
any questions you are grappling with, struggles and successes, etc. There should be at
least 10 total entries of about a half page each, and all entries should be dated. Begin
making the journal now at the outset of the work you are doing on this project.

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