Reasearch Report 2 MGT360 Team Project – Leadership Challenge Project Detail and Rubric Objectives · Enhance knowledge about leadership topics that

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MGT360 Team Project – Leadership Challenge Project Detail and Rubric


· Enhance knowledge about leadership topics that build upon and extend class material.

· Develop research, oral communication, and written communication skills.

· Practice leadership by taking on a formal leadership role for one part of the project.

Teams will research and develop solutions to common challenges faced by leaders in today’s organizations. The research collected will include background material and best practices about your topic, as well as examples of how real organizations have faced similar challenges. Your team will read and analyze this research, develop solutions to the specific challenge, and share your expertise in a written report and in-class presentation.

This assignment is worth a total of 70 points: Team project plan (10 points), Written report (30 points), and Presentation (30 points). See syllabus for due dates.


1. Conduct research on your challenge topic. Each team member is responsible for finding at least one source from List A and at least one source from List B to help your team analyze the challenge and develop solutions. Teams may also use organizations’ websites, the class textbook, and assigned class articles as sources, but these are additional and do not substitute for finding sources from List A and B.

Note: each team member will summarize their research as an individual assignment

List A:

List B:

Harvard Business Review


MIT Sloan Management Review

Fast Company

Business Horizons


Organizational Dynamics

The Economist

Academy of Management Perspectives


Other business journals – approval required from Professor

Wall Street Journal

New York Times

Financial Times

City-based newspapers (e.g., Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune)

Other news media – approval required from Professor

2. Write a two-page (double-spaced; one-inch margins; Times New Roman) Executive Summary of your analysis and solutions (10 points). Please follow the guidelines below:

Quality standard: This is a case analysis that should be academically rigorous but professional enough for you to feel comfortable showing it to your boss or using it in a job interview as an example of your analytical capabilities.

Format for the report:

a. Include a cover sheet (not included in page length total) with the title of your leadership challenge topic, team name, date, and class section. Do not repeat this information in the body of your report.

b. You must properly cite your sources (use APA or MLA) in the body of the report and include a References page at the end of your report (not included in the page length total). Failure to properly cite sources will have a detrimental effect on your grade. Do not plagiarize.

Recommended report structure:

Introduction (maximum 1/2 page): In an introductory paragraph, summarize the leadership challenge. Place the challenge within the broader context of leadership in organizations (e.g., why is this topic important). This section should answer the basic question: “What are we talking about here?”.

Analysis of Challenge (1/2 page): Use this section to more fully demonstrate your understanding of the leadership challenge, for example, the key topics and issues underlying this challenge, the importance of these topics and issues to effective leadership, and the consequences of failing to address this challenge as a leader. Support this analysis with at least two concepts from the research you collected as a team.

Potential Solutions and Obstacles (1/2 page): Describe three
potential solutions to your challenge. Identify each solution’s advantages and what obstacles might exist to implementing each. Support your recommendations with your research. Your ideas should all be things that can realistically be implemented. Where possible, show how real leaders/organizations have approached similar challenges.

Final Solution (1/2 page): Given the advantages and obstacles you identified above, close your

paper by developing an argument to support the solution you think is the best of the three alternatives you

presented. We are now down to what you think should be done to fix things. Support your choice with your


APPENDIX A: Leadership Challenge Topics

Leadership Challenge #4: Getting a New Team Member On Board

You recently hired a new employee, Sarah, from a different area of your company. The transition is difficult because Sarah will work part-time for you while she phases out of her other job. The other members of your team have never met or worked with Sarah before. As a leader, why should you be concerned about onboarding? What can you do to more effectively integrate a new member into the team?


Weak/Needs Improvement

Good/Meets Expectations

Excellent/Exceeds Expectations


Content matches that outlined in the assignment.

Choice and use of research evidence and examples.

Critical thinking and strong analysis of the leadership challenge. Solutions clearly connect to research & analysis of the issues.

Research sources are appropriate in number and type. Supports analysis and solutions with cited evidence throughout paper, where appropriate.


# out of 5


Clarity and coherence of ideas. Writing and structure of the paper is clear. Effective choice of how to set up the report.

Mechanical correctness (grammar, punctuation, spelling).


# out of 5



MGT360: Rubric for grading team Leadership Challenges written report

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