reflection see the attachment plz Song title and artist Lyrics Themes

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see the attachment plz 

Song title and artist



Reflection: What themes are present in the kind of music you listen to? Were you explicitly aware of all of the lyrics? What do these songs tell us about the world around us? Do you think that music has the potential to influence young people? Why do you think you are attracted to songs that have these particular themes in them? How do they relate to your life?

have you heard the chicken versus egg debate?  What came first–the chicken or the egg?  Analogous debates exist in all kinds of social phenomena!  For example, does media reflect reality or does reality reflect the ideas presented in media?  For this assignment reflect on this by analyzing something that you most likely  interact with often–MUSIC!
Choose any five songs that you currently listen to in your play list and fill out the attached chart.  Include the title of song and artist, and then write out one verse.  If the music you listen to is in a language other than English, please translate the verse to English.
When you have finished writing the verse reflect on the themes of the lyrics.  For examples, it is about love? hate? violence? sex? relationships? friendship? partying?
Please see page 80 of your textbook for an example using Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy”

Once you’ve done filling out the chart please write a 1-2 page reflection paper.  Use the questions in the reflection box as your guide and make sure you follow the grading rubric. Hand in the chart attached to your paper.

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