Report The report is about extending the research on Bohannan Huston, Inco company.  The file named ” firm profile” is my previous research on the company

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Report The report is about extending the research on Bohannan Huston, Inco company. 

The file named ” firm profile” is my previous research on the company mentioned above. 

The file named ” Assignment” has the instructions for this report Firm Profile CE 477 Anwar Al Battashi

Bohannan Huston, Inco (BHI).
7500 Jefferson St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Branch Offices
Las Cruces, New Mexico, 425 South Telshor Blvd. Suite C-103, Las Cruces, NM 88011
Denver, Colorado, Meridian One 9785 Maroon Circle Suite 140, Englewood, CO 80112-5928

Bohannan Huston Inc (BHI) was founded in 1959, and it was called Bohannan and
Stephenson Engineers. BHI offered civil engineering and surveying services to its
customers. BHI expanded to include offices in Las Cruces New Mexico and Denver Colorado.
In the 1970s, the consolidation of engineering and photogrammetric operations companied
with BHI as one company called Bohannan Westman Huston and Associates, Inc. In 1977,
the company name changed to Bohannan Huston, Inc. By the time, the company kept
expanding and developing its service such as, mapping, design, and drafting production. The
company located their office in Journal Center Business Park in Albuquerque New Mexico in
1986. Then, a branch office was opened in Las Cruses New Mexico in 1995 to serve
southern New Mexico and west Texas. To expand the company’s services in the north states,
an office was opened in Denver Colorado in 2005. Today, the firm offers Engineering,
Spatial Data, and Advanced Technology services to customers. The company still expanding
and aiming to be the highest professional standers and ideals.

Organization Type
Bohannan Huston is a private sector, privately owned company. It serves a diverse clientele
of public agencies and private sector companies located regionally and nationally.
Bohannan Huston, Inc. currently has 210 employees and engineers in all of the three offices

Type of engineering-related projects

• Aviation
• Community Development
• Construction
• Design Build
• Engineering Tech
• Mapping
• Municipal Infrastructure
• Planning
• Surface Water
• Structures
• Survey
• Transportation
• Wastewater Systems

Bohannan Huston reported more than $33.3 million in gross revenue for 2019. BHI makes
$8.5M in revenue.

Top Recent Projects

Firm Profile CE 477 Anwar Al Battashi

UNM Centennial Engineering Center

• Four-story
• $42 million to build
• Eco-Friendly Construction

o Daylighting, recycled materials, and
exterior solar shading

o Incorporates water harvesting into
designs for grading and storm drains

Jeffco Light Rail Pedestrian Bridge

• Completed February 2013
• Enhances pedestrian accessibility
• Promotes use of public transportation, i.e. train
• Funded by CDOT (Colorado Department of

• Bohannan Huston and local subcontractors’

responsibilities included:
o Survey, Structural, Drainage, and

Pedestrian Trial Design

ABQ Uptown Shopping Pavilion

• BHI provided design and construction

inspection of roadways, water, sewer and storm
drainage facilities

• Approximately 900,000 square feet of office,
retail. restaurant, and 700 apartment units

• Parking garages minimized surface parking lots
• Fast track project

o Required extensive coordination with
the general contractor

Firm Profile CE 477 Anwar Al Battashi

Unique Characteristics
Bohannan Huston is an engineering firm that can handle any project from small to large-
scale endeavors. Bohannan Huston is focused on the future and how to improve the quality
of life. Bohannan Huston can handle all aspects of a project without having to outsource,
with the exception of outside contractors hired to do the manual labor.

North Camino Arroyo/San Mateo to I-25
• Concrete-lined channel for the North

Camino Arroyo
• Bohannan Huston provided civil and

structural design
o construction plans
o mapping
o surveying
o construction inspection

• Specs:

o Tall concrete sill-mounted
walls supported integrally
by concrete channel lining

Firm Profile CE 477 Anwar Al Battashi


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